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New N2N styles

It is pretty hot right now in the UK. The locals tend to dress casually and wear less, myself included, even though I am Thai. I have not been wearing trousers since Wednesday; I find that quite hard to believe myself. This kind of weather seems to suit me just fine. I do not mind the heat -or even getting heat- at all. As reported on the news, it is going to be even warmer next week. I cannot wait for that.

As the temperature keeps rising -I know this is not relevant- I keep receiving emails from the website where I usually order my clothes. Its latest summer offerings keep appearing in my inbox, like this up-to-the minute N2N style. They are not exactly what I normally go for. Having said that, some look very tempting. I mean the clothes.


Sources: N2N L7 Dream Robe Black and N2N UN31 Trainer Short Black



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Gorgeous weather again

What  a lovely day again today. It is pleasantly warm. People have been mowing the lawn, going out to do some minor business and others have been sitting at the back of their houses enjoying the warmth. Even as I am writing right now, I can hear the birds chirping. It is a beautiful day.

I was not going to write anything today but there was some small hiccup disrupting my daily schedule. Hence, I had to replace one activity with another. It was not a big deal. In a good way, it allowed me to do some other useful things i.e. reading my text book and writing a blog about the weather to shape up my writing skill.

According to the news, the coming summer in the UK is predicted to be warmer than usual. It will be a long season of barbecues and I am bound to smell a lot of cooking meat, sausages, vegetables and so on. Doesn’t it sound great? I hope the weather forecast by the Met. Office is correct.

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Walking in the heat of Bangkok

It has been such a pleasant week in the UK. The weather has been lovely throughout the whole week. It is just delightful. But I am not sure about tomorrow’s weather. That is the UK weather for you. It is constantly changing. In comparison with the temperature in Thailand right now, I heard that this week is supposed to be the hottest week of the year. Unsurprising as April is the warmest month. So, I wish all  the best to people who are living in Thailand and enduring the unbearable heaviness of the current Thai temperature. Good luck!

The day before we returned to Britain, I had to go back to Bangkok to stay overnight. After we checked in at the hotel and rested in the room for a few minutes, we decided to go out to do some minor business – searching for a wedding gift to take back to the UK. We walked in the heat of Bangkok to the monorail station in the Silom area and journeyed to Ratchadamri station, located near the Four Seasons hotel.  After that, we walked a bit more in the scorching heat to find the place where I wanted to buy Thai silk as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, the area had been demolished and it was a pain in a neck that I would have to resort to buying something else. Initially, I did not know where to go next so I had to ask people to recommend somewhere where I should go for traditional Thai craftwork. We walked yet more in the polluted heat of Bangkok to find the place. By the grace of God, we came across a number of people selling folk garments and other very Thai things. I was happy then, as I had plenty of choice of things to get as a gift. I ended buying three cushion covers as shown in the pictures. I think these will do just nicely.


To return to the hotel we had to take the monorail again and we walked on to Siam station: basically, we were a bit lost as to where to catch the train. I must say I found the monorail to be very convenient in a city like Bangkok. It was still very hot and I sweated profusely, like many people I guess. Even as a Thai person, I fould it difficult to deal with the Bangkok summer, never mind those westerners who I came across while walking to the station. To me, they were just like big penguins walking in the desert. It always amazes me that they can survive in this city. Anyway, in the end, we reached the station and travelled back to the hotel. Although I was exhausted from the heat, I still got what I wanted as a special offering to someone. Amen!


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I like Thai summer

I miss Thai summers so badly. At this time of the year, the temperature is usually high. Wait until April and it is stiflingly hot. It is so unbearable to walk outside, but that is one of the reasons I like it. It is a good excuse to go out during the daytime to meet up with friends in the air conditioned shopping mall or go to a cooler place like the beach or to the park to find a breeze and some shade. Doing nothing in particular I would chill out under the blue sky, while listening to the rasping of the cicadas. If you have ever been in Thailand at this time of the year, you will understand what I mean: these little creatures are noisy, aren’t they? But that is just Thai summer for you, if you didn’t hear them, your summer would be lacking something.

What I also like about this time of  the year are the seasonal fruits – Thai people are lucky to have plenty of fruit to eat throughout the year anyway – and there is ample for people to indulge themselves during the summer heat. These fruits are not only tasty and succulent, they are also good for you. Take mango for example, whether it is raw or ripe, it is full of substances that help our body to produce Vitamin A. Pineapple is very good too. Not only is it full of vitamins, it also helps our body to digest food quickly as well. The summer fruit that I love most, however, must be red melon. Nothing can beat this juicy, yummy thing, especially when you eat it after you have left it in the fridge for quite a while. Imagine walking into your house, sweating profusely as a result of the heat and going straight to the refrigerator. After downing some water, you will surely want to have a taste of a very cool, sweet red melon. It just so revitalises you. It is good for your bladder too and also helps to cool down the heat inside your body. There are other fruits such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan and so on – too many to talk about. I will leave it to you to find out for yourself.

This time of the year, like so many people, I love staying on the beach, doing nothing at all. Every day after breakfast I will go back to the room and get my clothes off and wear nothing except my dinky swimwear. Ideally, I would like to be dressed in nothing at all but you have to be careful as that is deemed inappropriate in Thailand. Neverthless, I have sometimes managed to do just that. I did not care anyway as it was too bleeding warm. Swimming naked in the pool is too awesome to miss. It is just a matter of fact that I have no shame whatsoever. Why should I? I did it on private premises. It is nobody’s business to look inside.

The downside of summer in Thailand is that food tends to go bad pretty quickly. That is a fact. This is the reason that we have to be cautious what we eat. The food has to be freshly made and people have to make sure that the meal has no sour taste since it is a sign of it going off. But no matter how thorough you are, in the summer, you will sometimes suffer from stomach pains as a result of what you eat. Though you are not going to die because of that. Overall, the Thai summer is a time for people to enjoy themselves, but please do not be bad-tempered because of the heat. Just relax and listen to the wind blowing and the rhythm of the sea.

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Snow falling this morning, but not on cedars

I did not get up early enough to see the first snowfall of this year. It had already disappeared by the time I woke up and looked outside. All that was left was just drops of water on the windows. It was a bit of shame that I missed seeing the small white lacy bits of ice falling from the sky. But there is still plenty of time as winter is going to be here for quite a while yet.

As a person who was born in a country as warm as Thailand, one of the very few things that I very much wanted to experience when I first came to the UK was to feel and touch snow. I kept on waiting for months and months to see what real snow looked like and how it felt if I held it in my hand. I was waiting with excitement for the winter to come. And on that day of the year when the snow suddenly came down, despite being anxious to see, I was still deeply asleep in my cosy bed. It must have been falling for quite a while when I heard the phone ringing. Then, when I realised that there was also another sound, like falling rain, I quickly got out of bed and opened the curtains to check what was going on outside and I saw the scene that I had been waiting for. After I finished talking on the phone, I decided that I wanted to go out. I bent down outside the front door and scooped up the small soft white bits. It just wet and icy. The weather was biting cold. I spent about ten or fifteen minutes walking around the neighbourhood in the falling snow, like in some corny, pop music video. The locals must have thought I was mad strolling outside in that kind of weather, looking very pleased with myself. Strangely enough, that was how I felt on that particular snowy day.

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Sunny delight and dying flowers

The weather is pleasantly bright and warm today, that is rather unusual for British summertime, when more often than not, people will see a patch of rain. Well, as a matter of fact, a few weeks ago, there was not a lot of sunshine at all, just the same old dreary, rainy days. Since the weekend, the temperature has been delightful, for a change, no cloud whatsoever. It is just best to make the most of it since something like this is not going to happen here often.

Every time the sun comes out, I will be transported back to my past life in Thailand. It makes me realise how much I miss Thai weather, albeit it is usually hot there. I now fully appreciate everything I took for granted, whether it be the sun and sea or the surrounding nature where I used to live. The flowers always bloomed near my house and yet, I never took any particular interest in them, even when their colourful and elegant blooms started to fall to the ground. Neither did I have the intention to pick them up and value their beauty. Every so often, I would deeply regret it when it was already too late, when they were beginning to surrender to the scorching summer heat and die.

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