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Bell Nuntrita on the Woody Show – with full English Subtitles


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Khun Bell’s interview

The interviewer complimented her on her beauty. He asked her how she felt about many people from different parts of the world talking about her gorgeousness. She humbly said that she did not actually feel that she was pretty, but she felt proud to know that people have been talking about her beauty. He mentioned her voice. He noticed that she has quite a deep voice. She said that when she worked as a disc jockey, people mistook her as a woman with a deep voice. Then he talked about members of the one-time boy band, Take That, who saw the clip of her singing on “Thailand’s Got Talent”. He asked about the rumour of her female singing voice being mimed. She confirmed that it was her genuine voice and she proved it by singing the song. Next they talked about her father; about his initial unwillingness to accept her for who she is. Her father is a soldier and her grandad was also a soldier and most importantly she was the “only son.” She is the middle-child whose eldest and youngest siblings are both female. She felt a lot of pressure because her father wanted her to have an army career too. Because of being born male, she was the  hope of her family. Her father beat her because he wanted her to quit being katoey. If she had not stopped, he would have conscripted her into the army. At that time she was about a Por 6 student; a grade six student. She began her transformation to be her true self after finishing her diploma study. She proceeded with it gradually to make it easier for her father to accept her. She started by paying attention to her studies and doing everything she could to win her father’s heart, but whatever she tried, her father still could not accept her for what she was. Later his unwavering opinion began to change. Little by little, she continued to try to make him accept her by earning a living for herself. She would give money to her parents that she had won from transgender pageants and singing contests, as well as financing her youngest sister’s education. She tried to be the family breadwinner. The interviewer asked her if her father was proud of her yet and she said “he is”. He asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell him. She said that she wanted to tell her father that at the moment she had achieved a certain level of success and she was very proud to be his child. In addition, the interviewer would like to say to her father that she is certainly the pride of Thai people. Then they talked about how she discovered her ability to sing in both male and female voices; she said it was when she first started to be a singer in a pub. Someone had told her that she already had a woman’s appearance. This person said to her “why don’t you try to fool patrons who come to the pub?” She would start a song by singing with a female voice and then she would surprise them by changing into a male voice.

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It is perfectly ok to be whoever you want to be

At first I did not pay much attention to the phenomenal clip of Khun Bell Nuntita. I saw a lot of people mention her name on Twitter while I was enjoying my holiday in Thailand but I was not aware of how good a singer and how endearing she was until later on when I watched the clip. Now I quite understand why so many people adore her. I am very surprised that I have never encountered her seeing that I used to live in the province where she comes from. She comes across as well-mannered, likeable and girlie although she was not born that way. She reminds me of some of my friends who are just like her. As many people have already said, the clip is very impressive and appealing on many levels. Her singing voices – both female and male – are beautiful and the transition from one to the other is startling. Unsurprisingly the audience plainly accepts her for who she is. At the same time I feel sorry for her and people like her who are sometimes treated unfairly simply because of who they are and who they want to be. Thank God those narrow-minded haters are the minority in Thailand. She is doing very well right now and regardless of their gender and where they come from, many people seem to be very supportive of her. We all will be dead one day. It would be a regrettable waste if we failed to be honest with ourselves and missed the opportunity to choose to live the life that we want as long as it does not cause trouble to anybody. For that reason, I very much respect people like Khun Bell.

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Thai third-sex hostesses ready for takeoff

“Thai transsexuals were overjoyed as new airline P.C. Air yesterday took air hostess job applications from “third sex” candidates at Bangkok’s Esplanade shopping mall.”

Source: The Nation

You can read the full story via the link.

I think this news is great for Thai transgenders. These people will have an opportunity to work in the career to which they aspire. I don’t see anything wrong with them working in this business. Provided that they do a decent job, they should not be judged differently. The airline should be applauded for giving them a chance to exercise their ability. Yet, as expected, there are some party poopers who are against the idea, who think that they will be harassed on the ʼplane. This way of thinking is pretty antediluvian and childish. This is Thailand. They will just have to get used to it. But if they can’t, they could take a hike instead.


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Can You Tell The Difference Between a Thai Lady and a Thai Ladyboy?

You scored 10 out of 10 correctly (100%).
Congratulations! You’re a champion ladyboy spotter.

Source: Bangkok Diaries

I must admit that despite having scored 10 out of 10, I was not entirely sure about two ladies. Thankfully, I managed to guess correctly. Why don’t you have a go and see how many you can get right? It might even come in handy if you have a special interest in Thai ladies and the others.



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Dress as you like

A private school in Phichit province in Thailand has allowed its students to dress however they want. The administrators of the school realised that boys who behave effeminately and girls who act in a tomboy manner are often teased when they attend the classroom and this has affected these kids’ study as they want to express who they really are. The school management unanimously agreed that it does not matter who these kids are, as long as they are morally good and cause no trouble to anybody. For this reason, in order to sort out the problem and encourage harmony in the school, they decided that the kids should be given the chance to dress according to their gender interest: boys can dress as girls and vice versa. A big round of applause to the school from me.

Sources: Manager newspaper and news Hunsa.com


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Nong Poy in Urban Dictionary

I do not think it is necessary to introduce this lady since she is such an online sensation. Because of her phenomenonal, unique beauty, the UrbanDictionary, “the slang dictionary you wrote”,  has given the words Nong Poy two meanings. You can check the definition on the website via the link. To celebrate her achievments, I have decided to post two videos that someone uploaded to Youtube: one is a close-up clip of her face; the other is a video of her in a sexy talent pose. There is no doubt that she is certainly a beautiful dude!

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