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It is axiomatic that to blog in Thai is a bitch

I think I deserve to be nominated as the most indolent Thai blogger. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to write about many things, but ultimately have decided to delete them all. I had a number of ideas and then when I began to put them into words, I started to feel that I could not be bothered. Blogging should not be a chore right? But in my case, from time to time, it certainly is.  I am thinking that I should write a blog in Thai instead.

Many people are not going to believe what I am going to say: the reason that I have chosen to blog in English is that I find it more difficult to type in my native language. It usually takes me many more seconds to finish a sentence in Thai. I cannot help having become so used to English alphabet keyboards. I first learned to type on a Thai alphabet typewriter at school many moons ago.  But what I learned cannot be applied when it comes down to typing on a computer keyboard. English keyboards are ubiquitous and I find it is relatively easy to manoeuvre my fingers over the keys. It does not take me long to finish a couple of sentences, let alone a paragraph. That is the reason I เลือกที่จะพิมพ์เป็นภาษาอังกฤษ


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Can You Tell The Difference Between a Thai Lady and a Thai Ladyboy?

You scored 10 out of 10 correctly (100%).
Congratulations! You’re a champion ladyboy spotter.

Source: Bangkok Diaries

I must admit that despite having scored 10 out of 10, I was not entirely sure about two ladies. Thankfully, I managed to guess correctly. Why don’t you have a go and see how many you can get right? It might even come in handy if you have a special interest in Thai ladies and the others.



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In consolation

Yesterday while I was checking out a number of blogs about Thailand, I chanced upon a very sad story about a Thai boy who had committed suicide at school. The entry is on Thai-blogs written by a teacher who works there. The demise of this boy has touched me and unsettled me. Consequently I spent all night until the early morning thinking about this calamitous occurrence. Strange as it may sound, the death of someone with whom I have no connection whatsoever, has affected me inwardly to a certain extent. I have been dwelling on this, trying to get a picture of the boy’s last fleeting thoughts. But no one, including his parents, ever knew what was in his mind.

Young people who are inexperienced in dealing with emotions when their feelings have been hurt by something will find it hard to overcome that negative intensity. They can be too overwhelmed with gloom-ridden thoughts. One bad incident can be a big deal for them. When this happens, kids who are not very good at expressing themselves may continue to brood and dwell on all the bad experiences that have occurred to them. One thing may lead to another, like a magnet sucking in all sorts of bad things into their minds. There is no denying that the unexpected loss of a loved one is the worst punishment that any parent can experience. No one ever wants to see their children suffer under any circumstances, let alone see their kids struck down in such a dreadful way. The family will never get over this reality.

Talking about recovering from this terrible episode, his friends and classmates must almost certainly be devastated. To see the friend that they used to play with end his life in such an unfortunate way will have a lasting effect on these children’s mentality. I hope that their parents and teachers will devote time to counselling them. I offer my sincere condolences to all affected by this tragic deed.

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A writer as a runner

Yodmanudying at Yodmanudying’s Blog wrote a very well-thought out topic about Murakami’s memoir; “What I Talk About When I talk About Running”. It is a very good analysis of the book, but unfortunately it was not written in English. Too bad, I am not going to translate her entry into English and post it into my blog either. 🙂 Instead, owing to the fact that I have not fully recovered from jet lag or more truthfully because of my laziness, I have decided to re-publish the comment that I posted on her blog regarding the subject, as follows:

As a writer who wants to have a long run in a professional writing career, Mr. Murakami decided to make himself as healthy as he could by going to bed early, quitting smoking and keeping his body fit by running a marathon. To be a good runner he has to drive himself hard physically. Running is a time consuming activity and needs effort. The same applies to his job as a novelist which requires physical and mental drive. Aside from having talent in piecing words, phrases and sentences together, a good novelist must be able to keep his concentration and focus, as well as the ability to endure the long hard work associated with writing a novel. Here we can see the obvious comparison between his writing and running. What I like about this book is Murakami’s acceptance of the reality of his age. When a person gets older, no matter how hard he trains, he is never going to maintain the same pace as the young man he once was, but as he says in his book, “At least He Never Walked.”

It is a revealing book of the memoirs of a great writer and a decent runner. It is a jolly good read.

I often find inspiration in his books. Because not everyone is born with talent, but with sheer determination, will power and more importantly, believing and having confidence in yourself, you can still do eveything as best as you can. Even if it does not turn out as you expected, at least, you have experienced and tried.


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I did this too

I was checking out a few blogs, when suddenly I came across an amusing story on Britinbangkok. I must agree with this story about Thai girls seeming to take quite a long time in the bathroom, preening and powdering themselves in front of the mirror. It may surprise you, but it is not only girls who take their time in the bathroom; some Thai men, especially young dudes, also take their time titivating themselves, me included. I cannot tell you exactly when this behaviour started, if I remember it was during my teenage years. It was normal practice for some of us. I and a few of my mates even carried toiletries around with us and when we went to the rest room, we just did like our female friends did. Quite often, we asked the girls for such stuff as baby powder, body lotion and lipbalm when we did not have any. This hobby of making themselves look attractive seems to be quite something for Thai youths. Funny though.

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The 100 posts on my blog and goodbye

Wow! I did not expect I would have come this far, considering English is not my mother tongue. It has been great fun to compose my thoughts, usually impulsive thoughts, in English even though I still have a Thai way of thinking about things. Initially, I decided to have a blog as a way to improve my English skills and this helps me a lot since, to me, there is no better way to augment my English vocabulary and shape up my grammatical structure than writing in English. So far, I think I have been doing this task relatively well, I hope. I did not expect that there would be quite such a number of people come to read my blog. I truly appreciate your time and value your patience. My readership has increased constantly, especially within the last couple of weeks. I am chuffed and intrigued, but having said that, I believe that this is the time for me to stop doing this blog for a while. The reason for this is not about lacking of anything to write, it is about my unwillingness to carry on doing it, aka laziness! So, I have to say goodbye for now. Please restrain yourself from missing me! I might be back around mid August. Ciao! Again, Grazie very much for your time.

By the way, there are many interesting blogs about Thailand, like Absolutelybangkok, BangKokBugle, The LostBoy and his self-appointed Thailand top 100 blogs. Don’t forget to check them out.

Laew phob gan mai. Au revoir.


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