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Because it is Songkran

During Songkran the entire nation is allowed to go wild and many Thais tend to adopt this attitude. People will behave in a way that they don’t normally do. For instance, a lot of people will get drunk and some will even carry a bottle of whisky with them as they venture outside on trucks to have a water fight with other Thais on the road. Then the alcohol will be shared and given to complete strangers. To some people, Songkran is a time when they can get wet and wasted at the same time. Normally  the police will not condone this kind of behaviour. Nevertheless, there will always be some people who misbehave during Songkran such as by fighting or groping women. Then the police will have to swing into action to deal with the problem. But what happens when people start to go nude?

It depends on the circumstances. I once experienced an unforgettable Songkran when a bunch of transgenders, who came out of nowhere, appeared in the neighbourhood. They used the area as their base to launch an all-out assault on everyone who happened to be in the vicinity. Not only did they bombard people with water, some of these “ladies” also daringly exhibited intimate parts of their bodies for everybody to see. Their action caused a severe traffic jam in the area; people stopped their trucks to have a good look. A couple of these “ladies” even lifted their skirts and hosed their beavers down. This was the first time that I had ever seen the secret part of a transgender and the whole thing was taking place in broad daylight. Aside from revealing all, they also accosted a few men and began to undress these unfortunate guys. It was not the first time that I had seen other men’s butts! People witnessing this spectacle did not seem to be outraged and many just stood there in awe. My friends and I, on the other hand, were watching this spectacle in laughter. Later, I saw two policemen coming in our direction. I thought they were going to take action against these mischievous “women”, but they just stood next to me chuckling. I noticed that there was an alcoholic smell emanating from their bodies. Seeing that they were already wet and a bit tipsy, I decided to give them a full Songkran. I threw a bucket of water at them and then covered their faces with baby powder mixed with water. There was nothing they could do to stop this attack – since it was Songkran – they just had to take it like men. I do not know why, but I ended up grabbing one of the officers’ shoulders and kissing him gently on the cheek. I cannot explain why I did that – except for being somewhat intoxicated – but at that moment I just felt like it. In normal circumstances, I would never ever dare to do such a thing, let alone go near them. Before the two officers departed, I wished them a happy Songkran.

If you ask me what caused a few girls to behave inappropriately during this Songkran, my answer is in the title of this post.


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Adult services from a Thai lady

The local advertisement leaflet was delivered to my door today.  As usual its content contains trivial information. I have never paid attention to it until today when somebody at home showed me one advertisement. The title grabbed my attention straight away, i. e. “Adult Services”. The lines following provided more details about who will deliver these services: “Thai lady offering adult services. In calls and out calls available. I am available from Monday to Saturday between 12 Midday to late. Please call to find out more …”. I won’t reveal the telephone number here. The final line is “withheld numbers and texts will not be answered.”

I did not expect to see this kind of advertisement from a Thai person in this country. I guess this person just wants to go back to her roots and do what she normally does best. I think the lady who provides these “adult services” could be a hit. It depends on what kinds of services she offers to her customers. Her talents might well be sought after by people in this town. I suspect that the majority of her potential customers would be men. I am tempted to give her a call to say “Sawasdee krap” and find out what she really means by ‘adult services’. I would also like to ask her if she provides any extra services as well. What she does might turn out to be just a massage or simply releasing the tension in her customers’ bones. It is good to know that not only did she come to live in the same town as me, she also brought with her the skills to satisfy the locals. They will be very impressed.

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Khun Bell’s interview

The interviewer complimented her on her beauty. He asked her how she felt about many people from different parts of the world talking about her gorgeousness. She humbly said that she did not actually feel that she was pretty, but she felt proud to know that people have been talking about her beauty. He mentioned her voice. He noticed that she has quite a deep voice. She said that when she worked as a disc jockey, people mistook her as a woman with a deep voice. Then he talked about members of the one-time boy band, Take That, who saw the clip of her singing on “Thailand’s Got Talent”. He asked about the rumour of her female singing voice being mimed. She confirmed that it was her genuine voice and she proved it by singing the song. Next they talked about her father; about his initial unwillingness to accept her for who she is. Her father is a soldier and her grandad was also a soldier and most importantly she was the “only son.” She is the middle-child whose eldest and youngest siblings are both female. She felt a lot of pressure because her father wanted her to have an army career too. Because of being born male, she was the  hope of her family. Her father beat her because he wanted her to quit being katoey. If she had not stopped, he would have conscripted her into the army. At that time she was about a Por 6 student; a grade six student. She began her transformation to be her true self after finishing her diploma study. She proceeded with it gradually to make it easier for her father to accept her. She started by paying attention to her studies and doing everything she could to win her father’s heart, but whatever she tried, her father still could not accept her for what she was. Later his unwavering opinion began to change. Little by little, she continued to try to make him accept her by earning a living for herself. She would give money to her parents that she had won from transgender pageants and singing contests, as well as financing her youngest sister’s education. She tried to be the family breadwinner. The interviewer asked her if her father was proud of her yet and she said “he is”. He asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell him. She said that she wanted to tell her father that at the moment she had achieved a certain level of success and she was very proud to be his child. In addition, the interviewer would like to say to her father that she is certainly the pride of Thai people. Then they talked about how she discovered her ability to sing in both male and female voices; she said it was when she first started to be a singer in a pub. Someone had told her that she already had a woman’s appearance. This person said to her “why don’t you try to fool patrons who come to the pub?” She would start a song by singing with a female voice and then she would surprise them by changing into a male voice.

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It is perfectly ok to be whoever you want to be

At first I did not pay much attention to the phenomenal clip of Khun Bell Nuntita. I saw a lot of people mention her name on Twitter while I was enjoying my holiday in Thailand but I was not aware of how good a singer and how endearing she was until later on when I watched the clip. Now I quite understand why so many people adore her. I am very surprised that I have never encountered her seeing that I used to live in the province where she comes from. She comes across as well-mannered, likeable and girlie although she was not born that way. She reminds me of some of my friends who are just like her. As many people have already said, the clip is very impressive and appealing on many levels. Her singing voices – both female and male – are beautiful and the transition from one to the other is startling. Unsurprisingly the audience plainly accepts her for who she is. At the same time I feel sorry for her and people like her who are sometimes treated unfairly simply because of who they are and who they want to be. Thank God those narrow-minded haters are the minority in Thailand. She is doing very well right now and regardless of their gender and where they come from, many people seem to be very supportive of her. We all will be dead one day. It would be a regrettable waste if we failed to be honest with ourselves and missed the opportunity to choose to live the life that we want as long as it does not cause trouble to anybody. For that reason, I very much respect people like Khun Bell.

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A karaoke bar for Thai men

Before the final week of my job training course, the people who supervised me wanted to take me out for a meal; it was a goodbye party they said. We arranged to meet at a restaurant in the town centre where they had booked the entire top floor especially for this do. I and the other students on the course went there early as promised. During the meal, all of us students took turns to make a short speech regarding our experience with the course leaders, how we felt and so forth. We had been partying for a couple hours when some people decided to call it a day, though the majority remained, determined to push the boat out. Fortunately, I did not have to pay for anything. Later on someone mentioned a karaoke bar. They asked us if we were interested in going. So we went along.

The place was not very roomy; neither it was cramped, but the karaoke room was quite small. We were singing, drinking and enjoying our awful noise when suddenly the bar manager introduced us to three women who worked there. Immediately I saw them I began to realise that this karaoke bar was offering an extra service. One of the guys who took us there asked one of the ladies to sit beside me. Then I knew why they had brought us here. The woman offered me a drink and we talked about this and that. I asked her about her life. As presumptuous as I was, I asked her if she had ever thought of going to school so that she could find a better job. She said that she had left school with no qualifications and what’s more she had a child to feed. How predictable was that I thought to myself. We were there until closing time. Before we left, the woman asked if I wanted to take her. I pretended that I did not understand what she meant. So I asked her if she did not have to help clear up the place. The manager, on the other hand, seemed to be encouraging us to take her somewhere. It transpired that everything had been paid for beforehand.

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Someone thought all Caucasian men have massive tools

Someone I met online asked me about my life in the UK.  She wanted to know if I enjoyed living abroad and whether the locals treated me well. I told her about my daily life and what kind of people I normally socialise with. I let her know that the people I meet on a daily basis are well-mannered and refined be they men or women. It might have something to do with the fact that most of these people work in academic fields. Plus, I live in a very decent neighbourhood. Hence I have no trouble getting on with everybody. This Thai person with whom I have been chatting online from time to time has quite lofty opinions of Caucasian men. Her dream is to find an urbane and decent gentleman like Colin Firth to be her boyfriend. If she was ever lucky enough to be married to a western man, she wanted that person to be as decent as the people I have met. She asked me about this, that, and the other. Mostly, our conversation centred around Caucasian men; British men in particular. She had high expectations of them. Yet she had her concerns about their sexual behaviour. She thought that a large majority of them were sex maniacs. In addition, she assumed that all of them have huge tools. I was going to reaffirm her misguided belief, but decided to assure her that generally it might be true that in comparison with Thai men, their western wooden sticks are bigger, but not always and their lives do not revolve around sex. Besides, I wanted to tell her that – this might surprise a lot of people – I am not a slag. I don’t go around asking people how big a certain part of their body is. If she happened to have a Caucasion husband whose precious member was  exceptional, I jokingly told her to enjoy the ride and try to take it up to the hilt. There were many things she queried regarding British men and their sexual proclivities. To ease her worries, I tried my best to come up with the answers. I have not seen her online recently, but I still wish her all the best. Hopefully one day she will meet the man of her dreams; her ideal Colin Firth.

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Unfair and brutal tragedy

It is said that Dr. Sastra Chaothiang, a researcher at the National Science and Technology Development Agency who was among the nine passengers of a van killed in the last week accident, was an exceptional and talented individual. He specialised in protein engineering, a discipline in which not many Thais are well-versed. His mother gave a poignant interview on Thai television some days ago. The details of the talk were posted on the internet as follows:

– Dr Sastra is in fact her great-grandchild. His parents separated. For some reason they gave him to her to bring up.

– When he was a small boy, the Doctor would often go on a bicycle with her in order to help selling jasmine garlands. The basket in front of the bike was always filled with study books. And when he chanced upon a teacher, he would ask a few questions from the books that he did not understand.

– At junior high school, he had a 10 baht daily budget. Often when he returned from school, he would request another 3 baht from her to buy a dessert made from Chinese chives. Then he would go on helping her selling jasmine garlands until dusk. When they returned, the Doctor would frequently eat chub mackerel and hot shrimp-paste sauce for dinner. It was his favourite dish.

– After passing an exam to win a seat at a senior high school at Triam Udom Suksa School, she wanted to take him to the school in a taxi on enrolment day, but the Doctor suggested that the two of them should take a bus instead as the taxi was too expensive.

– Once when she visited him at the school, she bought a drink from a 7-11 minimart for him – at that time it was 12 baht. The Doctor told her that he had never tried it before since it was expensive.

– Later on he managed to pass the entrance exam for a place at a well-known medical school in Thailand, but decided to forsake that opportunity, telling her that instead he wanted to be an academic. He then went on to win a scholarship to study in the UK.

– After he had finished his 10 years study in the UK, he went back to work and support the family in Thailand. He had just begun to finance his young sibling’s education at Silpakorn University about 6 months before he was killed in the accident.

– He told her that he did not want a car. He did not mind taking a van to work. It would be a burden to buy a car, so he decided to save the money and buy land for her to build a house on.

– A lot of people asked her if she ever tired of selling garlands since she was elderly and quite well-built. Her response was that she was not tired at all. My son was an intelligent and good man. “Although I am poor, I have a clever son.”

– The interviewer asked her how she managed to bring up such a brilliant and good son. She said that it was in his nature to be like that. She did not have to do anything much.

– Lastly, the interviewer asked her if there was anything further she wanted to add. And she said “she wanted him back.”

I very much wanted to write about the others who died in the accident too. Unfortunately, at the moment there are few details about them. All I can do is to wish these innocent victims rest in peace.


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