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I voted yesterday

This is the first time since living abroad that I have decided to vote in the Thai elections. Yesterday, I received the two voting cards and other pertinent documents from the Thai embassy here. The whole thing was pretty easy. First, I had to register to vote – a few months ago – via the the embassy’s website. Next, they responded to me via email to inform me that they had received my request to vote. Then, I just had to wait for them to sent me the voting cards etc.

To me, it does not matter if the party for which I voted wins the election or not. I just wanted to express my democratic right for once. If the party I don’t like wins the election, I will sincerely congratulate them. Everyone should accept the outcome whether they approve or not; otherwise the country will go back to the same chaotic cycle of Yellow and Red. Nobody likes corrupt politicians. But to address this problem, everyone should agree that it should be done within the democratic process. In a mature democratic society, everyone abides by the rule of law. That’s how society can move forward. We can have as many elections as we like, but when people don’t behave democratically and adhere to the law, democracy will be a dead loss.


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Reuters risk watch for Thailand

Reuters’ analysis of the political, social and economic risks currently affecting Thailand: http://graphics.thomsonreuters.com/gfx/Risks/Thailand.pdf  and risks to watch in all Asian countries: http://blogs.reuters.com/andrew-marshall/2010/08/10/risks-to-watch-in-asia-country-guides/ 

Very informative.


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Talk to Al Jazeera – Abhisit Vejjajiva


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The world does not revolve around the Yellows and the Reds

It seems to me that the PAD and the UDD each just want their own way to the exclusion of everybody else. Somestimes I wonder if they want to live with each other at all. At the end of the day, nobody is going to achieve anything by beating each other since they all live in the same society. The problem will never be solved by one side winning. It is only going to exacerbate the situation. I can see why khun Abhisit proposed the reconciliation. Here is my comment on Bangkok Recorder:

“We all know that the PAD and the UDD don’t see eye to eye and there is no way that the two sides will ever be on the same wavelength. Be that as it may, if they want to move the country forward, all parties need to find a way that everybody can agree upon. It seems to me that these two groups each just want their own way. But they need to realise that the world does not revolve around them. There are other Thais who simply want to get on with their lives and their voices should also be heard. I think Abhisit knew that he would take some flak for his Road Map. But Thailand needs to find a way out of this political fiasco and he was obliged to come up with something to alleviate pressure and prevent futher damage to the country. Being able to compromise is part and parcel of becoming a mature, democratic society. Everyone needs to consider each other’s wishes instead of resorting to throwing tantrums.”

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The cost of Thai democracy

“Look , what’s going on in Nakhon Panom as local red shirts are preparing to leave for Bangkok to join the mass rallies on Sunday.”

Via: the Nation

There you are my fellow countrymen who are fighting in the name of so-called democracy. No wonder they are overly eager to participate in the mass rally this weekend.

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Thaksin’s Facebook and Twitter, can’t wait!

Apparently, the sometime Thai Prime Minister is going to celebrate his birthday by giving his fans an opportunity to communicate with him via Facebook and Twitter. I assume that many people, especially his cohorts who have not used social networks before, are dying to register with these social utilities. His Facebook and Twitter pages will appear in cyberspace tomorrow, that is Saturday, 25 July, Thailand time. The first issue that he wants to discuss is Swine ‘flu. He would like to present his knowledge of how to tackle this pandemic to the Thai government. And another thing, he is going to welcome anybody who wants to join his networks, particularly those who want to wish him a happy birthday. I cannot wait to join the club. Probably not.


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Abhisit has thrown down the gauntlet to Veera

I desperately want to see this Abhisit versus Veera – Thaksin’s current number one assistant – debate. I cannot wait to see someone making a fool of himself on television. This is definitely going to be fab. More about this story can be found on Suthichaiyoon via the link.


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