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“Uncle Boonmee…” now showing at cinemas in the UK

Now it is time for British film-goers to be baffled, charmed, bemused, fascinated, confused, frustrated or even bored by this year’s Palme d’Or winning Thai film. “Uncle Boonmee…” is in UK cinemas from today. It will not surprise me at all if this quirky movie by Khun Apichatpong irks a lot of people who have not yet experienced his work. Anyway it does not matter as it is expected and “Uncle Boonmee…” – like Khun Apichatpong – is generous enough to let people feel whatever they want to feel about the film. It is open enough for those who want to give it ago and if you are open-minded and are able to stay with each moment of the film, you will find it pleasantly rewarding.



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Kissing In Public

Source: http://thaicinema.org/board/index.php?topic=302.0


Check out the clip. It is funny. I would love to participate in this very interesting project. But I am afraid that they are not going to accept my public-kissing video since I do not currently reside in Thailand. Neither do I have a proper video camera to record the action, yet I would somehow find a way to do it. If the project was not limited to Thailand, I would very much like to kiss somebody, regardless of their gender or appearance, in a public place in Britain. That should be even more fun and intriguing! I wonder how the local people would react. Can you imagine if people saw me snogging someone, let’s see for example on a commuter train, at a football match or in a busy high street? It would be hilarious to see the reaction of passers-by. I hope that nobody would take offence. Personally, I do not think seeing people kissing one another is shameful. Quite the opposite, it always makes me feel alive and like a normal human when I come across people indulging in this endearing practice. If I was in the land of smiles, I would drag my friends out and give them a good mouth-to-mouth right now. It is true, I would. Maybe expats in Thailand should take part in this ongoing project as well. It would be fun. Show people what a good kisser you are. Don’t forget to check out the blog of this kissing in public place project.


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A journey into a myth

The postman has just delivered a DVD package of Apichatpong’s enigmatic film, Tropical Malady, distributed by Second Run, a UK-based DVD company. I have watched the film a few times before on the FILM FOUR channel. I even recorded it onto a DVD but unfortunately the disc did not work very well with a new DVD player. It was really a bit of a shame. It was a good thing though that I happened to know that the movie would be realeased on 11th August and finally I now have it in my hand. Hooray!

Every movie by this unique, impenetrable director is very challenging and often tests the limits of your patience. Not many viewers, including myself, are able to fathom out what Apichatpong is trying to convey through his medium. The best thing to do when watching his work is to just relax and enjoy the moment. No answer is given, and maybe you do not need to know either. The journey that the director leads you through is captivating. And if you are able to sit through it till the end, the rewards are immense. You might ask the question why, from Mysterious Object at Noon to Syndromes and a Century, every story of this director has to have a scene that takes place in a hospital. And why there is always one scene in the same room with the same chair. I myself cannot answer these questions. All I know is that Apichatpong spent a lot of his childhood in the place, as his parents are both doctors. It might or might not be relevant. You just need to find that out by yourself.

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Apichatpong Weerasethakul is a member of the jury for the Cannes Film Festival

Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul is one of the jury members for the Cannes film festival which took place on May 14, 2008.”  

Source: Manager online

Apichatpong is undoubtedly the most famous and talented film director Thailand has ever had. He has won numerous awards from abroad, including winning the Jury Prize at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. Unfortunately, the Thai Censorship Board does not think so. For quite a while, his latest movie, Syndromes and a Century, has been banned in Thailand although, until recently, it could be shown with the removal of six scenes which the cultural authorities considered taboo for Thai society. Personally I think it is rather sad for Thai movie goers and the Thai public as a whole as they are being denied the basic right to watch whatever they want by some authoritative dingbats. Worst of all, they are not even allowed to think for themselves whether what they see is right or wrong. It sucks, but at least, Apichatpong can just tell these cultural panicky people to get back where they belong as right now he is in Cannes, with other honorable juries to judge some great movies from around the world.

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