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French daddy and his Thai rent boy

The French Cultural Minister Frederic Mitterrand has been in trouble owing to having written about his sexual experiences in Thailand. The book itself was published in 2005. Yet suddenly it has become the source of a huge uproar following the minister’s decision to defend Mr. Polanski. You will recall that the film maker was apprehended  in Switzerland in connection with the incident which took place in 1977. To my way of thinking, the guy should not have drawn unnecessary attention to himself when he has had such experiences in the Land of Smiles and especially when he has included his adventures in his “not totally autobiographical” book. More details of this story via the link.

According to my research, men in this part of the world have such sexual bizarre fantasies. Some are into strange things such as BDSM, Master and Slave or other sexual role plays and so on. The experiences depicted in the book coud simply be just wishful thinking. Many middle-aged western men like to enjoy the company of young men when they visit Thailand. Just because there may be a yawning gap between their ages does not mean that their relationship is not one of legally consenting adults; not unlike the liaisons between older western men and young Thai women. What he wrote in the book referring to his partners as “boys” might be just the sexual fantasy of “a sugar daddy and his toy boys”. However, if he did do anything that is not between consenting adults, he should be punished in accordance with the rule of law in his country.

People are very strange indeed….


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It might only have been an S&M game

“A MALE escort told a court yesterday how Boy George handcuffed him and chained him to a bedroom wall after a drug-fuelled erotic photo session at the pop star’s home.” according to the Daily Express.

I know that I should not laugh at the misery of this rent boy. But the story is just amusing and who knows whether or not the guy was really into this sexual, bizarre game. If the dude did not agree to take part in this kind of session, I must apologise profusely for being amused at the news. Reading about this story just reminds me of the many stories of other well-known people whose behind the scenes antics were discovered e.g. George Michael convicted of a lewd act in a Los Angele public toilet or the story of Mark Oaten, a married man and a former contender for the Liberal Democrat leadership, who quit his job after being confronted with allegations of a gay affair with a male escort. In the case of Boy George and the Norwegian bisexual rent boy, this might have been just an incident of sadomasochism that went wrong. It is hilarious to read this kind of thing on the news and it clearly illustrates that people are ready to try anything sexually. Though they have to make sure that whatever they do with their buddies is not going to go against their consent, otherwise they could end up in court like the former lead singer of the Culture Club. There’s nowt so queer as folk!  🙂

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What’s the story morning glory…hole?

I used to go to the high street in the town centre, here in the UK, where I live, to do the shopping on a Saturday morning. But these days things have changed; I do not do that any more as I am too bone idle, but instead I let somebody else carry out this necessary job for me. In those days, I would always have a problem getting up early to go to do the chore; I had to force myself to get out of my cosy bed, eat breakfast at a time when my stomach did not cry out for food, and worst of all I had to quickly sanitise myself and do whatever I had to do in the bathroom in a short period of time. Consequently, I sometimes could not even finish what I wanted to do, but had to rush out of the bathroom to leave the house. I suppose a lot of people who commute to work have to go through this on a regular basis. What a life we all have!

On one Saturday morning when I did not have enough time to do a number two before going out, while I was walking in the high street on the way to the supermarket, I suddenly could not stand the urge to release my browny stool any more. I hence decided to head to the public toilet; I had to, seeing that I obviously had no choice. So, I briskly and urgently walked to my destination which would later help to ease the pain in a certain part of me. When I got there, I felt a mighty relief, especially when there was nobody else there to see me running sh*t scared to the loo, except for one guy who was hanging out there for a very specific reason. I ignored him and hurried to a cubicle. By this time, I was holding very tight to my nether region. I looked at one, two and three cubicles so as to find the right place to sit. In the end, I found the one where I thought I would be able to sit peacefully and release the eruption from my rectum, but not before I covered the whole toilet seat with tissues. While it was all coming out, suddenly, the man I had seen a few seconds ago walked into the cubicle next to me. I did not pay too much attention to him as I was trying to stop the nuclear weapon pouring out of me. But the man knocked on the wall a few times and kept tapping his feet continuously. I was not scared since I was well aware that he was trying to send me a signal for something. Thank god there was no hole in the cubicle wall, otherwise he might have stuck his secret weapon through. To be honest, I was quite pissed off though I decided to carry on doing my business. Finally he just simply left and I was very relieved. After I finished, I headed to the washbasin to clean my hands, and there he was pretending to wash his hands too, while at the same time glancing at me surreptitiously. I refused to let his glare bother me and finished washing my hands before leaving the premises as quickly as I could. Later on, I realised that the guy could have been a loiterer who was merely looking for someone with whom he might have some fun in the toilet area. I guess some people are just into this kind of thing. But I was amazed at his behaviour. People are very strange indeed.

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A present for your ‘daddy’!

I am unable to understand the purpose of this stuff. As far as I know it is something to do with sexual preening, which in some way helps to enhance men’s masculinity. A lot of Caucasian bear-like men like to wear this kinky accessory. It is called a “leather chest harness” and is available from a certain kind of shop for adults. You would have difficulty finding it in Thailand as it is not widely known about and commercialised there. Perhaps the strap is too homoerotic and overly explicit for Thai men to wear. Certainly a lot of them would look a tad ridiculous in it! Or maybe bondage wear is just not the kind of thing for Thai men, although some might secretly order it from abroad.

A lingering question in my mind is whether this leather strap is especially designed for men or if it is also broadly used by women – I just happened to see a few women wearing this kind of item on a particular kind of website. I do not think I should demonstrate those pictures here when it is obvious that they are not very suitable for my young readers. Plus, I cannot grasp the excitement of being attired in this gear. Is the smell of leather on a man (or woman) a real turn-on? I wonder. I might try to find the answer out by myself which should be very interesting.

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Describing Pattaya

While I was studying English in the UK I met quite a few foreign students from a certain part of the world who often assumed that I, and the other Thai students, came from Pattaya. More than once I had to explain to these people that only a particular type of person, who is skilled in one specific job, resides in the area. And I am definitely not of that ilk.

The moment I introduced myself as coming from Thailand, the first words that came out of the mouth of one middle-eastern guy was “Oh! Pattaya”. I was rather intrigued since I did not expect him to know about the place and I had the impression that people from this part of the world are usually restricted about the topic of sex. So he said that one of his mates frequently visited this seedy area; and this friend of his constantly sang the praises of this seaside town. He told me that one day he would go there to enjoy the hospitality of a Thai lady. He requested me to shed some more light about Pattaya. With difficulty, I tried my very best to clarify what this infamy is like, even though my English was quite immature at that time. I don’t know if the guy eventually went there and I do not really care either, but if I saw him again, I would tell him to check this video out. I think it quite explicitly depicts what makes the place so special for men, especially the over-sexed kind.

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British middle-aged men are going off sex

“Growing number of middle-aged men are going off sex, according to relationship experts.”   

Source: Metro UK

I wonder why that is then? Perhaps, the real reason that these men do not want to perform the act with their wives or partners is because they do not find their ladies (leave it to your imagination) any more. Some comments on the site blame the ubiquity of pornography for the absence of sexual motivation in these men. Personally, I find those comments rather comical. There is no way that porn will divert men’s attention from women. Quite the opposite, they are sure to be aroused by the lewd material and it will induce them to seek more adventure; every man must know what I mean by this. All in all, I think it might have something to do with there being too much stress in our every day lives; and many of the men might find it hard to be sexually active all the time. Like it says on the site: “As well as high rates of depression in men in this age group, long working hours and stress may also contribute to this trend.”  Could this be the source of the problem?

That is just my opinion. As a person who has not yet reached the certain age, I cannot say that my judgement is correct. One day I might be in the same boat as these men myself. In the meantime, one thing I could do is to encourage them to be more adventurous. I wonder if they know that there are still some exciting places, such as Soi cowboy, Nana plaza or Pattaya, waiting for their exploration. Maybe visiting these areas will help them to revitalise their sexual energy. Experts on this specific subject, like 2thebigmango and Werewolf can help them see the light.

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