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Especially for someone

Someone said that she liked this ‘Silly Fools‘ song which is called “Num Lai”, i.e Saliva in English. Even though she has not asked to hear it, I am still posting this song for her.




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What does a song make you think of?

Sometimes when you miss someone and you don’t know whether in this life you will see that person again, you have a feeling of nostalgia which is hard to resist, particularly when you come across something that reminds you of that person. You might wonder if he or she ever feels the same as you do and you will never know.

Whenever I listen to this Silly Fools’s song called “Mur Ruk Chun Gert”, which means when my love story began/was born, it always takes me back to an episode in my college years on the day when one of my friends was unwell. I can still see the scene in the hospital room where I and around 30 of my classmates crowded to give this bedridden friend of mine support. While we were joking around with my sick friend, suddently this music video appeared on the TV and all of us in that room were tansfixed with what we were seeing, including the patient. It gave us such a good feeling and we just kept on watching it intently until the end of the song. Damn! I miss that.

Here is the translation of the song in English:

“I have some question in my mind
maybe I do something wrong
maybe I value my love too much
When my love story began…

I decided to stop here, It’s enough to give my heart to someone
I met only disappointment
I met only hurtful
When my love story began

Do you know how I feel?
When I know my love won’t be coming back

Just want to flee far from here
Flee far from here
I won’t turn back again
Just want to flee far from here
Flee far from here
Before you will turn back to kill me

But it seems no matter how far I flee, it will become more close
Still be confused
Still have darkness in my mind
I give someone meaningful things but they don’t want these
When my love story began

Just want to flee far from here
Flee far from here because I don’t want to know that I’m a worthless person
Just want to flee far from here …Flee far from here
Before you will turn back to kill me”

Thanks to this link for the lyrics of the song in English. Cheers!

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Silly Fools versus Silly Fools


Oh yeah, I miss this Thai band. Silly Fools is probably the best head-banging rock band in Thailand. It is a shame that the former lead singer, also known as Toe, quit the band as a result of a disagreement between its members on a silly issue – I fould the whole thing rather rock cliche’. So, they had to replace him with a new singer whose name is Benjamin Jung Tuffnell, Korean born, but adopted by American parents. To be fair, I think his voice is quite good, but personally I still prefer Toe to him. Maybe I just have not got used to his voice yet. Time will tell if he will be able to surpass the voice and reputation of the bygone vocalist. Still, it is great for the band to try to do something new by presenting a new singer who is able to sing in English to their fans. Surely they will continue to rock my world! Silly Fools will always rule!

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