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9.45 minutes of awesomeness

First of all, I would like to say that this is not the kind of activity I usually engage in when I go back to Thailand for a holiday. I am the type of person who tends to stay in a hotel villa and lounge around all day without doing anything much. I like to lie under the summer heat of Thailand and listen to the waves, the birds chirping and the rasping sound of the cicadas. These are all my enjoyment of a holiday.

Although it’s not my thing, I think this video (http://t.co/E5voXFk) is probably the best Youtube video about Thailand’s nightlife. The eclectic mix of music used in the video is simply super. Best of all, it captures the real atmosphere of the place. Seeing people, be they tourists or locals alike, having a great time and smiling just put a big smile on my face. I think it is a masterpiece. The title of the video called “PATONG NIGHT LIFE 2010. THE SEQUEL. Patong, Phuket, Thailand.” created by a user called Jrbazil. You can search for it on Youtube.


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Commercialism gone mad

The hotel where I stayed last month in Thailand was very nice and up to my standards! It was located in a secluded, non-tourist area and was eco-friendly in some respects. There were plenty of trees and shade and it was just like I was staying in the woods. I could constantly hear birds singing and the rasping sound of cicadas. It may sound like I had a wonderful summer holiday in an exotic place and it would certainly have been, had it not been for the incessant ‘plugging’ of the staff at the hotel.

I began to notice on the third breakfast that there was something odd about the way our butler behaved towards us. For the first couple of days, I pretended to ignore her constant selling schemes. My first impression was that it was part of her job to provide us with eveything we needed, including giving us ideas about what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. As a matter of fact, we went nowhere whatsoever, and just lounged around in our villa during our entire stay. Later, I realised that our butler seemed to be aware of everything we did. Everytime we went to have a meal at the restaurant, whether in the morning for breakfast or at dinner, she would appear and offer us something to do or somewhere to go as part of the hotel’s apparent strategy of extracting as much money out of the guests as possible. Whenever the butler tried to get me to do something, I politely declined and came up with a white lie – something that I hated to do, but I had to.

It was even more irritating when the waiters also tried to get me to spend money on things I did not want. Again, I just declined and came up with some stupid excuse such as I did not want to travel to anywhere too far as we were allergic to the heat; it would cause us sunstroke. Then, it came home to me when one waiter told me that she had read the short list of things we had booked to do. We felt like we were being observed. I promised myself that they would not get much from us and they did not. It was so ridiculous that they expected us to spend money on things we did not want, since we had already paid a huge amount of money for the holiday in advance. As a person who loves to be left in peace, I found this incessant selling an extreme nuisance. I just wanted to be left alone.

I do not mean to be too hard on the hotel. Nevertheless I have never come across anywhere as unashamedly over-commercialised as this place. I just did not want to be indirectly harrassed to do things I really did not want to. That’s all.

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On the island

I suppose I could go on talking about the journey from the capital to Phuket, but it is going to take a reasonably tedious while to finish the subject. Instead I will just leave it there and skip to the delightful and beautiful island, somewhere near Phuket, where I would love to go back again sometime.

When we arrived at the hotel on the island, the receptionist informed us that our room was not ready for us: there was a problem with the air conditioning. With that, we were offered another room with inferior facilities to stay for one night. We also received a bottle of champagne by way of compensation, which was very pleasant.

With nothing much to do, we decided to celebrate the beginning of our real holiday, by drinking up what we had just been given. The effect of this fizzy liquid cause me to behave abnormally. I knew straight away that I was feeling rather tipsy as I tended to giggle uncontrollably, and began to undress myself. I was stark naked in my room. It was not because of the consequence of drinking alcohol; it was just the fact that it was awfully warm on the island and I was in heat.

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