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Nice bum

He clearly has nice buttocks and a good muscular physique. In terms of physicality, I nowhere match this guy or many other men. Having said that, my rump can beat this guy easily as somebody has often told me. If you do not believe me, feel free to request verification. Talking about one’s tush, in general I think an ordinary Asian man has a much better rounded butt than a typical Caucasian guy; whereas axiomatically the latter has a more manly body than the former. As they say, different people have uniquely different assets.


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New identity by Ohm Phanphiroj

Ohm Phanphiroj is a well-known photographer from Thailand who is going to have his collection of photographs entitled “New Identity” exhibited this Friday at 6.30 pm. His montage will be displayed until 17 August, at the Whitespace Gallery on the second floor of the Lido Cinema, Siam Square. More about the guy can be found via Ohmphotography. You need to move the mouse to the left side of the screen in order to find the website’s menu, which is a tad hidden I think!

The exhibition is about a Thai male-to-female transgender, also known as “kathoey”. This collection aims to look deep inside the minds of these transforming people. Doesn’t it sound very grand?  The inspiration for his work sprung from his observation of the sheer numbers of “kathoey” and the many who want to be transgenders in Thailand. And they are ubiquitous, whether in different occupations or classes, from a labouring job to famous celebrities. These people can live in Thai society without any pressure unlike those in a foreign country.

According to the news there are approximately 100,000 male transgenders in Thailand, but personally I think the number is surely far greater than that as there is still a certain number who have not made a decision to transform themselves yet.

You can read (in Thai) more about this exhibition and see some of the work here.

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