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Thai attitude and UK attitude

Attitude, The UK’s best-selling gay magazine, will debut as a licensed local Thai language edition this week, according to The Bangkok Bugle.

It is a nice idea, but the cover of the first issue looks a bit tame. The publisher and the editor need to try harder if they want to catch people’s attention, i.e. they need to add more attitude into the magazine. It is not yet provocative enough. It looks pretty ordinary and uninspiring in comparison with the UK edition. In my judgement, to galvanise potential readers into buying the magazine, it needs to be a bit more sexual, quasi-porno and verge on rudeness. The discrepancy between the two versions is quite pronounced: one is relatively bland, the other arouses your interest. If I were the editor, I would be more than happy to be ‘in your face’ with the front cover. The first issue does not look like it wants to announce proudly its arrival onto Thailand’s magazine scene. I’d rather put the picture of my bare buttocks, the header picture of this blog, on the front cover of the magazine than look at a trio of pretty twinks. I have no doubt that this part of my anatomy would be the talk of the town.


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It’s official, I am a book lover

I just got a book that I ordered at the weekend from some marketplace seller on Amazon; and I am not very pleased about the honesty of this seller. I am aware that what I bought is second hand but I genuinely expected that this person should, at least, be honest about the condition of the book. The description of the paperback was “very good”; yet in fact, the book is almost dog-eared: some of its edges were a bit torn though I have managed to fix them by glueing the damaged areas. The front cover was also folded from the bottom to nearly the middle, which I later dealt with it by putting Sellotape over it to prevent it from pulling apart.

As a book lover, I find this quite unacceptable and it definitely set me off. I know that I come across as fastidious, but this is just one of my traits. If there are things related to reading materials, whether books, magazines or even newspapers, I always take very good care of them. When I read a book or a magazine, I caress it and consciously open it gently as I am too afraid that I might accidently make a crease at the spine, which is sometimes difficult to prevent. And that I can accept, if it is my own fault. On the other hand, I find it hard to swallow when some bookseller lies just because they want to make a couple of quid. I only want people to be truthful when they do business. Every month, I spend a great deal of money on books, usually around £50. These days, though, I try to find bargain prices; some are perfectly satisfactory, but others are not, like the one that I received this morning. I do not mind buying used books as long as their condition is not too bad. But for some writers who I admire dearly, such as Mr. Murakami, I would never dream of buying their work second hand.

All of the books on my bookshelves are very well taken care of. If, one day, something terrible happened to me, for example, if I suddenly disappeared completely from this planet, I want my niece to inherit my beloved books, albeit she is now only around six years old and has not got a clue how to read English, let alone Thai. It will benefit her greatly in the furture when she grows up. If the worst comes to the worst, and none of my books reach somebody I know, I hope they will be in the safe hands of people who cherish reading as much as I do.


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I am a bibliophile

Every month I spend a great deal of money on books and magazines. In particular I buy a lot of novels by Japanese writers such as Haruki Murakami, Banana Yoshimoto or Ryu Murakami, many of whose books have been translated into English. There are also many American and English authors but I have not yet had the opportunity to read any of their work. Despite this, I still keep on searching for new books. For instance, over the last month and a half I have purchased all of Martin Amis‘s novels, albelt I have read none of them yet. It is likely to be one of my obsessive compulsive behaviours that when I have obtained one book by a particular author I need to get the rest of his or her books as soon as possible. Yet, I might or might not read them all within a few months. As well as buying books, I also purchase monthly some interesting magazines, like Monocle or Wallpaper*. So far, I have bought every issue of Monocle, all 14 of them. Of all of these, I have read only a couple of articles. Soon, the next issue is coming out. I certainly have a lot of reading to catch up with; there are too many and I am struggling to keep up with what I have already bought. But I do not think that I ought to quit buying books, magazines and other reading stuff as this is just the way I am.


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