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Dengue fever revisited

The health authority of Thailand has warned that a large number of people are likely to catch Dengue fever this year. From January to 13th February, the number of patients who have suffered from this illness has reached almost 4,000; 3,757 cases and 3 casualties so far. On average, there are approximately 85 cases of Dengue fever related illness per day. The disease has been spreading widely in the central region of Thailand accounting for 55% of the total number of cases, followed by the south and the north-eastern regions respectively. By comparison, during the same period last year only 2,511 Dengue fever patients were submitted to hospital. According to the Thai news.


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I told you so

If you have read my blog before, you might remember that I have previously mentioned dengue fever which is prevalent in Thailand during the rainy season. And here comes some news about this nasty disease:

There were more than 60,000 dengue fever patients from January to October and 82 people were dead, according to public health ministry.” as the news says.

This was the reason that we had to learn at school about which diseases occur in each season e.g. dengue fever is endemic in the rainy season and food poisoning is easy to catch in the summer. Both are common in a tropical country like Thailand. Any visitor wishing to go to the land of smiles would be wise to check some basic information about these local complaints. I suppose nobody wants to have a bad time in a foreign country, do they?

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Away from her

It is a truly poignant movie about a woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and her husband has to put her into a care home. I know that this is only a movie and I should not have been thinking too much about it. But the reality is that this disease causes so much stress to the relatives of the patients; it is worse when they see their loved ones experiencing this illness and gradually losing their minds, including the memories of the ones they love. I am trying to understand so as to be able to express my opinion regarding this topic because I do not want to offend anybody. My understanding is that this unpleasant disease usually affects the elderly and is more prevalent in Caucasion people. I hope I am wrong.

There was an elderly couple who used to live next door to me, here in the UK. But eventually the husband had to sell their house because his wife had gone senile. He could no longer look after her by himself; she needed 24 hour support in a care home. What is the difference between senile and Alzheimer’s anyway? It was really sad when he came to say goodbye. I personally did not talk to him much apart from simple greetings, as I did not know him very well. At that time I was just a foreigner, new to the neighbourhood, whose English was not that great. On that evening I was just sitting upstairs listening to him saying goodbye to the person who I am living with.

It is always lovely to see an elderly couple because this signifies that people can have a good life together, no matter what. Even a horrible disease cannot result in them drifting apart. Just wonderful.

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Do you fancy Dengue fever in Thailand?

It is currently the rainy season in Thailand. It is also the time when a number of diseases start to spread in the country. Some of the diseases are not very contagious; others are quite virulent, and Dengue fever is one of the nastiest. At this time of the year when there is a lot of rain, it makes it easy for a certain kind of mosquito, which carries the Dengue fever virus, to lay their eggs. Because of this, many people, especially young kids and the elderly, are likely to catch the virus easily. Foreigners who want to travel to Thailand during this period have to make sure they bring mosquito repellent or it would be even better to try to avoid being bitten by this tiny insect while they are having a good time in the land of smiles. Nobody wants to be severely sick while travelling to another country, do they?

I once had to stay at the hospital for over a week and a half as a consequence of catching the disease. At no other time in my life have I thought I was going to die, but at that time I surely did. Initially, I thought that I would not be that ill, because as a youngster I was not very healthy and being unwell was just a normal part of my childhood. Four or five days after I started to have a fever, my parents became aware that this time my sickness was not the same as the other illnesses I used to suffer. In the end, I was taken to the hospital. I could not eat and constantly threw up. I had to have an intravenous drip in my arm. It was such a pain seeing that I had to walk my drip with me every time I wanted to use the toilet, but in fact I spent almost the whole time in bed anyway. So, when you visit Thailand, please try not to catch it.


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