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Recycled comment

I came across one of my comments on Khun Dan’s blog, namely “Absolutely Bangkok“. Since I have been somewhat lazy lately. I have decided to repost that comment on my blog. I hope Khun Dan won’t mind.  ^__^

From “Thailand’s Gay Past”:

“To be honest, I am not at all surprised to know that there are some homosexual pictures painted on various ancient temples in Thailand. In the past, people have tended to think of sex as simply an aspect of human nature. If you ask the Thai elderly, they do not even know what homosexuality means, as the word was hardly ubiquitous during their youth. I reckon little do they care about same sex interaction either; it might be just a little bit amusing to them. I don’t think many Thais will blame homosexuality on western influence; but quite the opposite, they dislike the fact that some people have categorized human sexual behaviour into groups, i.e. heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality; it simply encourages sexual discrimination. Historically speaking, there was an acceptance towards same sex practice in some ancient cultures. Take the Roman and Greek eras for instance – paintings, poems, and literary comments relating to same sex attachments existed during those times. Try searching “homosexuality in ancient Rome” and “homosexuality in ancient Greece”. Same sex or both sex predilections did not seem to be much of an issue for the Romans and the Greeks. In my view, same sex practice might have become taboo in these societies when the new force, also known as religion, emerged. In the case of Siam, the old name of Thailand, like the author said, the country had to embrace western laws and attitudes, including the outlawing of sodomy, so that the state could look more civilised in western eyes during that particular period, and also because of the circumstances the country found itself in at that time.”


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French daddy and his Thai rent boy

The French Cultural Minister Frederic Mitterrand has been in trouble owing to having written about his sexual experiences in Thailand. The book itself was published in 2005. Yet suddenly it has become the source of a huge uproar following the minister’s decision to defend Mr. Polanski. You will recall that the film maker was apprehended  in Switzerland in connection with the incident which took place in 1977. To my way of thinking, the guy should not have drawn unnecessary attention to himself when he has had such experiences in the Land of Smiles and especially when he has included his adventures in his “not totally autobiographical” book. More details of this story via the link.

According to my research, men in this part of the world have such sexual bizarre fantasies. Some are into strange things such as BDSM, Master and Slave or other sexual role plays and so on. The experiences depicted in the book coud simply be just wishful thinking. Many middle-aged western men like to enjoy the company of young men when they visit Thailand. Just because there may be a yawning gap between their ages does not mean that their relationship is not one of legally consenting adults; not unlike the liaisons between older western men and young Thai women. What he wrote in the book referring to his partners as “boys” might be just the sexual fantasy of “a sugar daddy and his toy boys”. However, if he did do anything that is not between consenting adults, he should be punished in accordance with the rule of law in his country.

People are very strange indeed….


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I can’t live without a kiss!

I have not been able to concentrate on writing a single thing on my blog for quite some time, albeit I have plenty of things to say. These days I have been suffering from psychologically negative thinking. To put it simply, I am in a really bitter mood about many things, people and society. I just could not force myself to write in that kind of state. But today, for some reason, I am feeling a little bit better. I hope this positive mood will last. Watching the clips of people kissing might have been the source of the remedy. They definitely seem to ease this terrible attitude of mine. A great kiss would certainly solve my problem!

I do not know which of these two YouTube videos is better. I cannot decide just yet. The straight kiss is tender, but the gay kiss is so hot. Maybe I should do an experiment myself to find out which is the best. Looking at them simply puts a big smile on my face and surely makes my day. I have a strong urge to clutch someone in my arms and give them mouth-to-mouth right now! So, kiss me!


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