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The world’s first Daddy Pride was in Thailand?

I saw a lot of fat Farang men during my trip to Thailand. They seemed to be omnipresent. I first encountered one in the lounge toilet at Heathrow airport. Forgetting to lock the door, I was startled to see the chubby gentleman pushing it open. Well, it was my fault. Still, it was a funny incident.

On the plane, there was one sitting in the middle row, diagonally in front of me. The guy seemed to be particularly excited about his holiday. One might assume that it was his first time travelling to the Land of Smiles. He was particularly talkative. He took great pleasure in conversing with his mates. For a moment, I wondered if I was sitting in cattle class. Fortunately, owing to his tiredness, he spent the rest of the journey bunked down with his mouth shut. I tried not to look in his direction though I could not resist the temptation to cast a glance at him from time to time. He had a rather rounded belly. When he raised his arms, his t-shirt moved upwards too. How fortunate I was to be able to view his pregnant-like tummy so intimately. It must have been my lucky day that day.

On the journey back to Bangkok from the place where I had spent such a lovely time resting in beautiful surroundings, again, at the airport, I witnessed another foreign daddy making a spectacle of himself. He was totally intoxicated. His face was flushed. His t-shirt was unbuttoned, baring his fat hairy gut for everyone to see. He walked around the area, demonstrating his daddiness for the world to see, as well as pestering a couple of female foreigners. It was not difficult to guess where the gentleman came from due to his accent. I’d prefer not to express it.


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At the hotel on the beach

Before I carry on talking about my wonderful time in Thailand, I just want to say that I am aware that there has been severe flooding across the south of Thailand. I feel for the locals and tourists who have been affected by this problem. If I had decided to stay in the area for another week, I might have been stranded there. It is very unusual to experience this kind of freak weather at this time of the year. It was supposed to be summer in Thailand. I hope that everything will be back to normal soon.

Let’s get back to talking about the good time that I spent in the south of Thailand. For a couple of days, I had trouble sleeping. I kept waking up very early; about four or five o’ clock in the morning. Having nothing to do, I would walk out on to the terrace and gaze at the sea. The early morning breeze touched my naked body and I thought how lucky I was to be born in this beautiful country. I was lazing around outside for quite some time before the birds began to greet the day with their chirping voices. The cicadas also seemed to have no qualms about waking people up with their rasping sound. I thought to myself this was it, the perfect holiday.

I indulged myself with proper Thai noodle soup for almost every breakfast during my stay, except for the last day. I would follow up with cold cuts and so on. It was nice to drink a decent cup of coffee too. The waitress would ask me if I wanted some more and I would say yes for just another cup. Then, I would take time with tasty fruits. It was very pleasant to have a few pieces of sweet, succulent watermelon, proper mango and ripe orange papayas after the meal. By then, my little tummy would be stretched. Before I left the restaurant, I would always thank the waitresses for their kind service. After that, I and the other person would saunter back to our tranquil ‘des res’.


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My perfect holiday

I left Thailand since last week. Yet I keep thinking about the lovely time I spent in my own country. Everything went smoothly. The journey from home to Heathrow was a good start. There was no hassle clearing security at the airport and there was no long queue either. Sitting in the lounge was slightly tedious but when we boarded the flight, we just got straight on the plane. On board, as expected, I did not manage to sleep but it did not matter since I had Kylie Minogue’s song, i.e.Get Outta My Way, to accompany my journey. I watched “Black Swan” and played Sudoku and some other games. Being Thai I did not have to deal with long queues on arrival at Suvarnabhumi like foreigners frequently do. After checking in at the hotel in Bangkok, I went out to have a haircut; the owner of the hairdresser salon remembered me because I had my hair cut there a couple of years ago. The hairdresser asked me where we were heading. She told me there had been a massive earthquake in Japan and was worried that it could affect the Gulf of Thailand – our destination. I was quite concerned but I was more worried about my Japanese friends. Next we went to have dinner and then back to the hotel. I tried to sleep but my mind was somewhere else. The seismic shockwaves lingered in my head all night. In the end, I managed to get some shuteye for just a few hours. We went back to Suvarnabhumi the next morning. Again, it did not take us long to finish the usual procedures at the airport. Sitting in the lounge, I was checking some Thai pocket books that I had bought the day before at the bookstore near the hotel; at the same time, I was looking forward to boarding the plane. I could not wait to reach our destination…

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Thailand: Tourism and the Truth

In 2008 Stacey Dooley emerged as one of the stars of the hit BBC Three series, Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts, and has since spent the three years lifting the lid on shocking stories from the developing world.

In 2010 she travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo where she examined the plight of child soldiers and journeyed to Cambodia to investigate the shocking world of underage sex trafficking.

This time Stacey is travelling to one of our favourite holiday destinations, Thailand, to explore the darker side of tourism that the average holiday maker doesn’t see. Hundreds of thousands of us flock to Thailand every year, where for just a few hundred pounds you can enjoy beautiful beaches, top hotels and unbeatable service. A trip to Thailand has become a rite of passage for many young Brits, but why is it possible to enjoy such luxury at such bargain prices?

Stacey begins her trip in Phuket, where she stays as a tourist before swapping roles and becoming a hotel worker. She works as a chambermaid and struggles with the hard work and incredibly high standards, having to clean 14 rooms a day for just four pounds. She also discovers what it’s like to live on such low wages and the sacrifices that some hotel workers have to make. Many live in slum conditions or in hotel dormitories, separated from their children for months at a time.

From BBC Three


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It is a pleasant day

It has been pleasantly warm today. Cicadas keep rasping as usual. I love hearing their noise. They normally appear at this time of the year wherever you are in Thailand. Their sound mingled with the sound of the waves is so soothing. I notice that there are plenty of middle-aged foreign guests at the hotel. They seem to be enjoying their stay here and so am I.

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This is bliss

I spend my day lying in the villa and listening to the pleasant sounds of the wildlife and the waves crashing on to the beach. I have been enjoying my breakfasts since I arrived here. I love eating proper Thai food. I eat like a little piggy every morning. I take my time with what I do here, even walking. I don’t need to be in a hurry. This is the way I used to live my life in Thailand. I take great pleasure in looking at the other guests. I am not a voyeur, but seeing people from different parts of the world enjoying their holiday here puts a big smile on my face. Some of them are quite cute!

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I have been gangbanged at the hotel

I finished my dinner at the restaurant a few minutes ago. The food was delectable; it was like my sister used to cook for me. Talking about my sister, I have not told my family that I have been in Thailand since last week and I don’t think I will let them know either. The weather has not been good today. It has been windy and wet. Yesterday it was very hot in the morning, but later in the afternoon there was a torrential rainstorm. For the past few days, I have been sucked, stuck and drilled unmercifully. My body must be very tempting. There are two people staying in the villa, but it is only me who has been picked on. No, it was not a bunch of farang daddies who assaulted me; mosquitoes were the culprits. Overall, I am having a nice holiday.

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