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The French daddy returns

In the chapter called ‘bird’, Monsieur Mitterrand begins the first sentence with the words ‘the boy’.

The French daddy had earlier dropped by at a club somewhere. He had seen this young man among other pretty ‘boys’ on the premises and ended up following him to some place, about which I will not go into detail. The first paragraph finishes with a description of how strong his desire for this rent boy is.

I received the book yesterday. So far, I cannot judge if ‘The Bad Life’, the memoirs of  Monsieur Mitterrand is a jolly good read or not, seeing as I have not read the book from the beginning. I skipped to the chapter that scandalised the man. He was quite frank about what he did and he seemed pretty happy in his description of his sexual experiences, though his style of writing is somewhat novelistic. He may even have embellished some sentences for effect. Having read a few pages of this chapter he gave me the impression of being someone who suffered from “sexual constipation”, that is having an unbearable and powerful sexual desire, but being unable to release that strong sexual tension. I will not say whether I agree or disagree with his shenanigans. The man is not much different from many other randy old men who like to engage sexually with those who are younger than them. The difference is that this French daddy is a politician and has documented his adventures in a book. What he wrote in his memoirs did not come to me as a surprise. I have heard it all before.


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Guess whose book this is?

The Bad Life: A Memoir of High Society, Sexual Politics, and the Nouvelle Vague by the French daddy will be available in English around April 2010. Anyone who is keen to learn about his scandalous sexual adventures in Thailand can order the English translation in advance on Amazon. There is also a debate about this hanky-panky on France24 which is somewhat newsworthy.

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Gods of the Stadium

I hope my blog is not going to need to be censored for having adult content after posting this clip. The video is the ‘behind the scenes’ of “Dieux du Stade” or Gods of the Stadium. It is a very popular calendar of nude and semi-nude French Rugby players, Stade Français, also featuring some players from other rugby clubs and a few other sportsmen. Apparently, they have been making this calendar annually since 2001. There is also a behind the scenes DVD. The people behind this seem to make a good income out of this erotic merchandise. It is a great shame that I do not have the same type of body as these players otherwise I might join in the action. If anyone is still looking for a Christmas gift for your girlfriend this might be the answer for you!

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Perfect serenity

Imagine you are on the beach and everyone around you is laying casually with nothing much on his or her mind, aside from the word relaxation. In your eyes, you see only beautiful mortals sunbathing, sitting and wandering around near you. It just seems like a perfect scene of euphoria. That is what I feel whenever I take a deep breath and listen to this idyllic song by the French electronic music band called Telepopmusik. It is just breathtakingly exquisite.

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