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I have just realised that English Premier League football players like to take it raw!

I wonder what Mr. Tevez was doing to his former team mate. Was he searching for something? Or maybe the game was intense that day and he was frustrated to the point that he felt the need to take the matter in his own hand.

As you can see, Mr. Ferdinand did not seem particularly happy to be ram fisted like this at all. Nobody is ever going to enjoy taking it up to the hilt, unless you are into this kind of thing.



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After the match

What can I say about the match between Liverpool FC and Aston Villa last night at Anfield? I personally think the Kop did not play that badly; it just so happened that the team could not find the opportunity to score. It did not help the team either when the visitors took the lead by a mere deflection off one of the players. Nevertheless, drawing at home is still better than losing, in my opinion.

Having watched Liverpool play for several matches this season, I am beginning to feel resigned to the fact that the team from the Riverside is going to end the football season with nothing to cheer up the fans. I am not being pessimistic here, but the truth is that the team lacks consistency. To make it worse, the two American owners, whether it is their intention or not, keep distracting the manager and the players by pressurising them with shocking revelations; for instance, last week one of the owners publicly said that they had previously consulted a German bloke as a likely replacement for the current manager. A comment like this is not going to improve morale within the squad. Instead, it just created an unnecessarily tense atmosphere within the club. 

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