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New arrivals

I got an email from the website that I usually purchase my clothes from. The seller has been trying to tempt me to buy a few items from the site for quite some time. So far, I have managed to ignore this incessant persuasion. Having said that, after receiving the latest email, I must admit that I could give in to this cajoling easily. I like these denims. They look very fetching and sexy. I have bought Rufskin denims before and they fit my lower parts perfectly. The jeans help to enhance your manliness. I think you know what I mean.

Don’t they look nice? I must not yield to this temptation. But they are so inviting. I mean the garments. Sigh…



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New N2N styles

It is pretty hot right now in the UK. The locals tend to dress casually and wear less, myself included, even though I am Thai. I have not been wearing trousers since Wednesday; I find that quite hard to believe myself. This kind of weather seems to suit me just fine. I do not mind the heat -or even getting heat- at all. As reported on the news, it is going to be even warmer next week. I cannot wait for that.

As the temperature keeps rising -I know this is not relevant- I keep receiving emails from the website where I usually order my clothes. Its latest summer offerings keep appearing in my inbox, like this up-to-the minute N2N style. They are not exactly what I normally go for. Having said that, some look very tempting. I mean the clothes.


Sources: N2N L7 Dream Robe Black and N2N UN31 Trainer Short Black


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In red

I got an email yesterday from one of the websites where I usually buy my clothes. The email contains the new style by Rufskin. When I opened it to check out the latest line, all I could see was “red”. I did not really expect to see the brand audaciously unveil such super colourful, in-your-face jeans as shown in the picture. The brand is certainly brash.

Rufskin’s denims and jeans are probably my favourite garments. By contrast, its tops, both t-shirts and knitwear, are total rubbish in terms of the quality of the products; the material is not good. This fresh offering almost wins my vote but I am not sure about two pieces of clothing in this collection, including the “red”. Even though it could, no doubt, help to enhance the attractiveness and hunkiness of the lower part of my body, it is screaming for too much attention. For sure it would not suit people who want to keep a low profile!


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A present for your ‘daddy’!

I am unable to understand the purpose of this stuff. As far as I know it is something to do with sexual preening, which in some way helps to enhance men’s masculinity. A lot of Caucasian bear-like men like to wear this kinky accessory. It is called a “leather chest harness” and is available from a certain kind of shop for adults. You would have difficulty finding it in Thailand as it is not widely known about and commercialised there. Perhaps the strap is too homoerotic and overly explicit for Thai men to wear. Certainly a lot of them would look a tad ridiculous in it! Or maybe bondage wear is just not the kind of thing for Thai men, although some might secretly order it from abroad.

A lingering question in my mind is whether this leather strap is especially designed for men or if it is also broadly used by women – I just happened to see a few women wearing this kind of item on a particular kind of website. I do not think I should demonstrate those pictures here when it is obvious that they are not very suitable for my young readers. Plus, I cannot grasp the excitement of being attired in this gear. Is the smell of leather on a man (or woman) a real turn-on? I wonder. I might try to find the answer out by myself which should be very interesting.

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Some of the menswear Spring/Summer 2009









You can bet that I will certainly wear some of the labels that are shown in this post.  Aren’t they looking great in the pictures? I think they do. As I said before, there is nothing embarrassing about strutting yourself in this stuff as long as you are confident with the way you look. I have nothing to be ashamed of about my figure, albeit I am not as well built as these models. I just love to express myself in these beautiful garments, like a peacock I suppose. Everybody is unique and has their own characteristics. Why don’t we make the most of our bodies? Like I do. Also, I would not mind walking in some of these skimpy, sexy clothes in public, but please don’t arrest me!

These images were taken from GQstyle.com

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Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Oh, my god! Why are Brazilian people so hot? Personally, I think they are some of the most sexy human beings on the planet. You cannot argue with that, can you? I am writing this post as a special dedication to my Brazilian friend. As far as I am concerned, she must be one of the most pretty women I have ever met.  When I first met her, I was shockingly stunned by her beauty. I was totally blown away. Though she is a model and might come across as a stuck-up person, she often cheerfully spoke to me and the others while we were studying together in London. I obviously miss her dearly. I wish I could post her picture on my blog, but I do not reckon she would appreciate me doing that, unless she allowed me to do so. I tried to look for her in the video, but I could not see her strutting her stuff on the catwalk, which is a bit of a shame! These are just some parts of the many shows of the latest Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Let’s enjoy the extravaganza!

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My clothes

I am not exactly a fashion addict or brand loyalist, but when I have to buy clothes, I tend to go for certain labels which I think will suit my body and image, and most importantly I have to feel comfortable when I wear them. Starting from the top: for long sleeves, T-shirt, jackets and others, I love Dolce & Gabbana. The menswear spring/summer 2009 collection is shown in the clip.

Rufskin Charly khakis

Rufskin River stretch jeans

For trousers, preferably denim, Rufskin has become my favourite for the past couple of years. Recently I bought the Charly Khakis as depicted in the picture. I find they comfortably fit the lower part of my body. They are not too tight. Just the opposite, they well support my buttocks and groin. When I walk in them, I feel like I am not wearing any trousers at all.

AussieBum blue

AussieBum white

For underwear and swimwear, there are two labels that I like: AussieBum and, of course, Rufskin. There are no other brands sexier than these labels, in my opinion. The ones that I wore while I was having a great time on the beach in Thailand early this year are seen in the pictures. Everyone needs to be a little bit more adventurous from time to time. To me, there is nothing wrong with making the most of my body by expressing the way I dress. It is very fun and enjoyable I think.


Rufskin swimwear


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