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Hot in the City indeed!

“Playing Next
Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

Previously Played
Daughtry – Over You
Julia Duncan – Love Is…
Ace Of Base – The Sign (Radio Edit)
Jason Hartman – Hotel California
Seal – Free
Alex&The Classiquai – She Is
Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time
Britney Spears – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll
Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine”

These are just some of the songs I have been listening to on RadioBangkok.net while I am waiting to hear what will happen to someone’s 76 billion baht. It must be hot indeed in the city both politics and temperature wise.


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Walking in the heat of Bangkok

It has been such a pleasant week in the UK. The weather has been lovely throughout the whole week. It is just delightful. But I am not sure about tomorrow’s weather. That is the UK weather for you. It is constantly changing. In comparison with the temperature in Thailand right now, I heard that this week is supposed to be the hottest week of the year. Unsurprising as April is the warmest month. So, I wish all  the best to people who are living in Thailand and enduring the unbearable heaviness of the current Thai temperature. Good luck!

The day before we returned to Britain, I had to go back to Bangkok to stay overnight. After we checked in at the hotel and rested in the room for a few minutes, we decided to go out to do some minor business – searching for a wedding gift to take back to the UK. We walked in the heat of Bangkok to the monorail station in the Silom area and journeyed to Ratchadamri station, located near the Four Seasons hotel.  After that, we walked a bit more in the scorching heat to find the place where I wanted to buy Thai silk as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, the area had been demolished and it was a pain in a neck that I would have to resort to buying something else. Initially, I did not know where to go next so I had to ask people to recommend somewhere where I should go for traditional Thai craftwork. We walked yet more in the polluted heat of Bangkok to find the place. By the grace of God, we came across a number of people selling folk garments and other very Thai things. I was happy then, as I had plenty of choice of things to get as a gift. I ended buying three cushion covers as shown in the pictures. I think these will do just nicely.


To return to the hotel we had to take the monorail again and we walked on to Siam station: basically, we were a bit lost as to where to catch the train. I must say I found the monorail to be very convenient in a city like Bangkok. It was still very hot and I sweated profusely, like many people I guess. Even as a Thai person, I fould it difficult to deal with the Bangkok summer, never mind those westerners who I came across while walking to the station. To me, they were just like big penguins walking in the desert. It always amazes me that they can survive in this city. Anyway, in the end, we reached the station and travelled back to the hotel. Although I was exhausted from the heat, I still got what I wanted as a special offering to someone. Amen!


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Kissing In Public

Source: http://thaicinema.org/board/index.php?topic=302.0


Check out the clip. It is funny. I would love to participate in this very interesting project. But I am afraid that they are not going to accept my public-kissing video since I do not currently reside in Thailand. Neither do I have a proper video camera to record the action, yet I would somehow find a way to do it. If the project was not limited to Thailand, I would very much like to kiss somebody, regardless of their gender or appearance, in a public place in Britain. That should be even more fun and intriguing! I wonder how the local people would react. Can you imagine if people saw me snogging someone, let’s see for example on a commuter train, at a football match or in a busy high street? It would be hilarious to see the reaction of passers-by. I hope that nobody would take offence. Personally, I do not think seeing people kissing one another is shameful. Quite the opposite, it always makes me feel alive and like a normal human when I come across people indulging in this endearing practice. If I was in the land of smiles, I would drag my friends out and give them a good mouth-to-mouth right now. It is true, I would. Maybe expats in Thailand should take part in this ongoing project as well. It would be fun. Show people what a good kisser you are. Don’t forget to check out the blog of this kissing in public place project.


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Remove the pictures

I have just removed the pictures of what happened in Bangkok yesterday. For anybody who has just come to check my blog, I sincerely apologise for doing that. It was not my kind of thing to display extreme images on my blog. But last night I had the urge to do so just before I decided to turn in. I had merely a temporary feeling that I wanted people to know how badly some Thais were treating others. It is just so sad.

I called quite a number of people I know in Thailand, including my friends and family, to find out what was going on. Unfortunately, not many people realised the impact of the clash between the police and the anti-government protesters. From what I could gather, they did not seem to be disturbed by this event – it might have had something to do with the fact that they do not reside in Bangkok. They told me they had seen, on national television, an injured man with one of his legs amputated by the tear gas explosion. I doubt that it can cause that level of injury. I asked my sister and some other people I know, whether they were aware that a female who had graduated from Assumption University of Thailand and another person had been killed as a result of yesterday’s dust-up. For some reason, they did not know about this. Thai media seem not to have reported or covered very well various angles of the incident. I feel genuinely helpless. I also tried to contact the father of one of my friends, who works in the army, in case he knew more about yesterday. It was bad luck on me that he was not there to answer my call. By now it was nearly 3.30 am and I was sleepy and tired. I posted those pictures and decided to go to bed.

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Bangkok and city people turn into fatsoes!

This post does not mean to offend overweight people, no matter where they live, whether Thais or foreigners. To me, your weight is yours, not mine, and as long as you are healthy and happy with your life, it is a matter of indifference to me how fat or thin you are; I personally am in the latter group. So, it should not be a big deal.

The number of obese Thais aged 20-29 years increased 7.5 times, according to the public health ministry.” as reported in the news.

I do not know where these “over healthy” Thai people come from. They seem to indulge themselves too much. But then again, I should not be surprised by this latest trend, given that there is more than enough food available in Thailand. In fact, Thais should have become large-sized ages ago. But not me even though I am in the age group mentioned in the news. Quite the opposite in fact, I am male model sized, I mean the type of male model on the catwalk.

I wonder what is making my current generation overweight. I suppose the contributory factors are the same as other nations where their citizens have to deal with this heavy issue, like the news says; eating too much and lacking exercise. Even so, why are these people fat, but not me and a great deal of my Thai friends too? I eat all the time, and my choice of food is very complicated as I am very bloody fussy about what I shovel into my mouth. I cannot eat the same food for every meal. So, for me, no exercise is needed as I have no extra flab in my body, let alone muscle. I guess people’s metabolisms are just different. Some, like me, are luckier than others.

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Samak said “he won’t use force”

The honorable Thai police trampling on one of the protesters’ heads.

And what about the tear gas that the police used to disperse the mob the other day? The picture depicts clearly what the Thai police is normally like. Being paid by the people, they should handle the situation far better than this. Those who staged the protest are keen for the police to take a strong line in the hope that some of the protesters may be injured. That way they will acheive maximum publicity. In the end, they are just as bad as the government.

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Going back to the airport

I was rather surprised to be able to wake up early, despite having a sleepless night. Normally, when I sleep in my own place, I will take a few long minutes before dragging myself out of bed. Coming back to Thailand, though, I found no problem with saying good morning to the dawn.

It did not take long to check out of the hotel at this time of the day. There was barely anybody in the lobby, aside from a Chinese or Japanese couple who were checking in at the hotel, two receptionists and later a British couple who had just descended to the first floor. Unexpectedly, I enjoyed sitting in the lobby at the hotel, looking at these people while I was waiting for the car which was going to take me to the airport.

It was still early as the driver took me to the airport and it was not long before we reached our destination. As a matter of fact, I surreptitiously wished he had driven a bit more slowly as the early morning weather was pleasantly cool. It looked like it was going to be one of those rare balmy days in Bangkok, and I just happened to be there to witness it.

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