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My clothes

I am not exactly a fashion addict or brand loyalist, but when I have to buy clothes, I tend to go for certain labels which I think will suit my body and image, and most importantly I have to feel comfortable when I wear them. Starting from the top: for long sleeves, T-shirt, jackets and others, I love Dolce & Gabbana. The menswear spring/summer 2009 collection is shown in the clip.

Rufskin Charly khakis

Rufskin River stretch jeans

For trousers, preferably denim, Rufskin has become my favourite for the past couple of years. Recently I bought the Charly Khakis as depicted in the picture. I find they comfortably fit the lower part of my body. They are not too tight. Just the opposite, they well support my buttocks and groin. When I walk in them, I feel like I am not wearing any trousers at all.

AussieBum blue

AussieBum white

For underwear and swimwear, there are two labels that I like: AussieBum and, of course, Rufskin. There are no other brands sexier than these labels, in my opinion. The ones that I wore while I was having a great time on the beach in Thailand early this year are seen in the pictures. Everyone needs to be a little bit more adventurous from time to time. To me, there is nothing wrong with making the most of my body by expressing the way I dress. It is very fun and enjoyable I think.


Rufskin swimwear



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Wearing less on the beach

For the upcoming weeks, I am planning to purchase quite a few articles of clothing prior to the arrival of the summer season. Though, this year I am determined to wear as few garments as possible; and since I am going to be lying around on the beach anyway, I do not see the necessity of being fully attired somehow. But then again, I have some difficulty in choosing swimwear. I am not quite sure which I should pick between Rufskin and AussieBum.

These two brands are cutting edge in men’s underwear and swimwear. I had them before and they are really good at enhancing my assets(!), especially when I decided to take a dip. The Australian brand has many varieties for you to go for. On the other hand, the other brand tends to go for a little bit more of an adventure.  I like them both and it is hard  for me, right now, to decide which one I should select.  But the summer has not yet arrived; I still have plenty of time to make up my mind.

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