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Do they provide a fast track service at Suvarnabhumi Airport?

Foreign travellers have been complaining about the long queues at immigration at Suvarnabhumi Airport for quite a while. The problem has not yet been properly addressed. On the contrary, it seems to be getting worse, according to what I have heard from the media. The complaint is justified. Every time I go back to Thailand, I notice that there are a lot of foreigners waiting to clear immigration at the airport. The problem does not bother me because I am Thai and have a Thai passport. For foreigners, it is clearly irritating that they have to wait for an unnecessarily long time to complete this tedious process. I wonder if Suvarnabhumi Airport provides a fast track service for business and first-class travellers. I think it would alleviate congestion at the immigration counter. It would be a sensible option to tackle this problem. I am lucky that Heathrow has a fast track system. I don’t have to suffer the same fate as many foreigners when they go to Thailand.


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Bangkok airport

Last year when I visited Thailand I was not particularly impressed with the new Bangkok international airport. Before going there, I had heard load of complaints about its substandard facilities such as the shortage of toilets or the invisibility of the signage within the building. My first impression was that people might just be making a big thing out of nothing.

There was no particular problem on arrival, except for the fact that I had to walk quite a long way so as to get to the immigration desk. On the other hand, I had to encounter quite a few issues on the departure date. Aside from the two aggravations which I mentioned in my first paragraph, I was deeply unimpressed with the chair I sat on at the airport. It was exceptionally hard and I could not even lay my back on it. I knew that the airport had been opened quite recently, but the authorities should at least have dealt with this small difficulty efficiently before it was allowed to be opened for service.

I wrote a complaint regarding the problems to the Thai airport authorities. I hope these people will soon sort out these irritations. In the very near future, I am going back there. I just hope that I will not have to deal with these hurdles again.


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