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Slutty holiday in Thailand

I cannot wait to go to Thailand. I have been planning my itinerary – actually someone else has been doing the whole thing for me. There are a few things that still need to be sorted out, such as booking the flight as we are fussy about seating. I have not helped much with the trip except for thinking about what I am going to wear during the holiday. I am going to buy some clothes, especially swimwear so that I can tart around on the beach, albeit I already have more than enough to wear. I have been thinking that this time I might go for skimpy blue swimwear even though I usually prefer white.

The reason why I like wearing white is obvious; when it becomes wet, it allows a certain part of my anatomy to be prominently displayed, as you can see from the picture.

To be honest, I am not really into swimming when I am on a holiday. I just do it for the sake of sluttiness. Last time I was on the island in Thailand, I noticed that quite a few foreign men were checking me out, probably in disgust, thanks to my quasi-indecent cozzie. And they were there with their wives and girlfriends by the way. One big bear guy kept looking directly at me while lying on a sun lounger with his legs wide. Unfazed, I decided not to avert my gaze and kept looking back at him. We had been playing this game for nearly ten minutes before I gave up and got out of water. I was not sure if he was interested but whenever I came across him when I went bathing, he would play the staring game with me. For my part, I did my very best to eye him up. I even gave him an indication that I was up for it. Unfortunately, nothing happened between us. He was with his woman and I was with my boyfriend.

I am looking forward to playing the ogling game with someone again during my next holiday. You never know what might happen.


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An ordinary, not very busy day

I woke up at about a quarter to eleven with a slight headache and went to the bathroom to take a piss. I was ravenous. So I rushed downstairs still undressed. While waiting for my boyfriend to finish preparing my brunch, I checked my emails and my Twitter account on the PC. There was nothing interesting. I ate noodles, drank coffee and took a paracetamol. After that, I went back to the PC, waiting for my boyfriend to finish his weekly shower so that we could help each other tidy up my bed, sheet cover and so on. I knew that I would not be able to achieve what I had aimed to do today, thus decided to change today’s schedule. I decided not to read a novel as I had done a lot of reading yesterday and still felt both physically and mentally exhausted. Reading two study books would be enough for me today.

Later I felt like doing something more. I checked out some naughty videos, namely gay porn, on my Kindle Fire HD so that I could choose which ones I wanted to remove from the device. There were too many clips and it was time-consuming and such a drag. If I had not done it there would not have been enough memory space left on my Kindle for me to download books onto the device.

Then I went back to the PC again and felt the urge to blog. And here I am blogging while listening to the soundtrack of ‘The Great Gatsby’, the movie by Baz Luhrmann. It is delightful. You can listen to them for free here: First Listen: Music From Baz Luhrmann’s Film ‘The Great Gatsby’.

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Why I like reading Kindle ebooks

These days I tend to buy Kindle ebooks. In comparison with physical books, I must say that Kindle ebooks have several advantages. Firstly they do not cause me irritation like paperbacks or hardbacks. When I order a book online I have to wait for it to be delivered. Sometimes it can take a few days for it to arrive. Unlike physical books, when I buy a Kindle ebook on Amazon, it takes only a couple of minutes for it to be downloaded onto my Kindle devices, of which I have two by the way. I also do not have to worry about the condition of the books that I have ordered. With paperbacks and hardbacks, every now and again when a book turns up in the post, it is in poor condition, sometimes even obviously damaged. Then I have to send it back which causes me a bit of hassle. I have to contact the bookseller to ask them to sort it out for me. In addition, as someone who is not a native English speaker, reading a Kindle ebook is such a joy since there is a built-in dictionary to help you understand words better. I hasten to add that I do not have difficulty understanding English, but I do like to grasp precisely the nuances of words and phrases. It is easy to adjust the font size too which helps me a great deal as I am short-sighted. That means I do not have to squint when I read.

Kindle ebooks do not take up space either. Over the years, I have accumulated a great many books and thus have turned our house into a veritable library. My beau has had to build me numerous bookshelves and now we are running out of space to store my valuable books. That’s what prompted him to buy Kindle devices for me which I am very grateful.

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In conversation with a Bangkok taxi driver in April

A taxi driver who took us to Suvarnabhumi Airport asked me where I came from. It happened that he also came from the same region as me. He then decided to use the vernacular which is common among people from that region. To be polite, I decided to use that local language too. The guy started to ask me quite a personal question. On the assumption that we were an item, which is entirely correct, he wanted  to know the nationality of my boyfriend. Surprised by his blunt question, I told him that we were just friends. In retrospect, I should have told him the truth, but judging from his expression and smile, I think he knew that he was right and I was not being truthful. I did not take umbrage from his inquisitiveness. Like most Thai people, he was just being curious and wanted to talk to me about anything. He even suggested that I should take my boyfriend to a certain area of Bangkok where a lot of gay men like to hang out. I thanked him and told him that I might visit the area next time I am back in the city. We continued our conversation during the journey to the airport. He wanted to know what it is like to live abroad. He then asked me about politics and how I was able to vote in the last Thai election while I was residing in the UK. I explained to him that I cast my vote by post. I did not want to know which party he gave his vote to; he told me nonetheless. The reason why he supported Yingluck and her party was that she had promised to raise the minimum income. He hoped that she would not go back on her word. I did not want to engage in a conversation regarding Thai politics. I changed the subject by asking him about a decent place where I can have an enjoyable massage in Bangkok – I was just pretending to be interested. “It depends on what kind of a massage you are looking for”, he said. I told him I was looking for the kind that provides me with a very happy ending.

The taxi driver kept on talking about different subjects many of which I cannot recall. Near the end of the journey, I was not paying particular attention to his incessant chit-chat. My mind was somewhere else. I was thinking about Aomame, a female protagonist in 1Q84, listening to Janáček‘s Sinfonietta in a taxicab. Thinking to myself what it would be like to be in the same situation as her.

Just before we reached the airport, the taxi driver told me that it was nice to chat with me. He said  that I did not come across as stuck-up, unlike some Thai passengers who had gone to live abroad, who tended to be condescending when dealing with people from his background. He wished me “chok di”. I thanked him and also wished him good luck with whatever he wants to achieve.

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My blog is temporarily suspended

It is not that I no longer enjoy blogging, but I think I can achieve what I want to communicate better by other means. Nowadays, I am usually on Twitter and if you want to contact me or chat with me, I will be delighted to hear from you. My Twitter account is


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Blogging at the hotel

I love lazing at the villa all day. I have been spending a few days walking around dressed inappropriately, most of the time wearing nothing at all. The weather in Thailand is pretty warm as you know. I have also been enjoying looking at people. There are plenty of Farang daddies around here. If I happen to run out of money to pay for my meal at the hotel, I might consider pimping myself for some sugars here! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

My music for this year holiday is Hurts’ album: Happiness. I love this song – Stay. Wish you were here with me.

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A torrid love affair

If there was someone who wanted you to be his paramour, would you?

He is very good to you and always treats you well. He keeps buying things for you. He gave you a gift on Valentines day. Many times he took you abroad with him. He has never missed giving you a call or sending you a daily message. A few times a week, he drops by to see you to do something together. After that, the two of you will go to a fancy restaurant, wherever you want to go. Afterwards you will both return to your place where you will make passionate love; always a tremendously enjoyable experience. He wanted to see you more often, but where you live is relatively far from his place. Because of this, he cannot come to see you five days a week. Therefore he took the liberty of buying a house and inviting you to stay there. So it would be easier for him to be there with you on a regular basis. Basically, he is the best thing that has ever happened to you and you want him to be yours forever. But there is a conundrum: he is married and has children. You know very well that the two of you cannot have a future together, unless he decides to divorce his missus which you know too well will never happen. You realise also that, one day sooner or later, he will be bored with you. Then the affair will come to an end. What you have left from this chapter of your life will be mere remnants of your memory and his.

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