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Men will shag anything as long as they can find a hole

That was what I wanted to tell Mr. Blatter. Instead of telling people to refrain from any sexual activity – which is impossible as humans are sexual beings – he should have said it was none of his nor anybody’s business what people do sexually in their own privacy. For my money, even in societies where certain kinds of sexual acts are not permitted, people will find a way to do it anyway, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. If they cannot do it where they are, people will seek to release their smuttiness somewhere else.

In my book, I think football (or soccer) is arguably the gayest game, despite the seemingly unwelcoming attitude towards homosexuality of people involved in the sport, be they the players, the fans or the football authorities themselves. On the football field, you will quite often see footballers running towards one another and delivering such intimate actions to their mates as hugs and gentle kisses when they score a goal. That is even more homoerotic than seeing a gay person mincing on a street. No wonder it is so popular among men. I am sure there must be something arousing about watching guys scoring each other’s goals.



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I have just realised that English Premier League football players like to take it raw!

I wonder what Mr. Tevez was doing to his former team mate. Was he searching for something? Or maybe the game was intense that day and he was frustrated to the point that he felt the need to take the matter in his own hand.

As you can see, Mr. Ferdinand did not seem particularly happy to be ram fisted like this at all. Nobody is ever going to enjoy taking it up to the hilt, unless you are into this kind of thing.


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The power of the male groin

I just happened to see Dolce & Gabbana’s latest male underwear and swimwear ad. From what I saw, the brand seems to have done it again, as far as eye-catchingness is concerned. This collection features the male Italian national swimming team. Previously, it used other Italian professional athletes as its seducers: the national football team and the rugby team respectively, as in the pictures. No other label understands the power of sexual desire like D&G does. Its sportsmen advertising never ceases to attract atttention from fashion admirers of both sexes. Clever sods!




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It is rugby nakedness season, I suppose

After I wrote the previous post, someone kindly informed me that it is apparently not only the French rugby dudes that do a saucy calendar. The aussie rugby players also proudly show their modelling skills by tarting themselves in the Gods of Football. It features some of Australia’s elite players from rugby league and Australian Rules football, says the site. The aim of this merchandise is to raise money and awareness about breast cancer, which will benefit  the McGrath Foundation for breast cancer research.

There you are, you have two choices for your girlfriend – or for your gayfriend if you wish – as a Christmas present, in case you have run out of ideas about what to give in this special season. Either of these two flirtatious, hunky calendars, the Aussie Gods of Football or the French Gods of the Stadium might be the perfect gift for him or her. In fact, you might just as well go for both.

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Gods of the Stadium

I hope my blog is not going to need to be censored for having adult content after posting this clip. The video is the ‘behind the scenes’ of “Dieux du Stade” or Gods of the Stadium. It is a very popular calendar of nude and semi-nude French Rugby players, Stade Français, also featuring some players from other rugby clubs and a few other sportsmen. Apparently, they have been making this calendar annually since 2001. There is also a behind the scenes DVD. The people behind this seem to make a good income out of this erotic merchandise. It is a great shame that I do not have the same type of body as these players otherwise I might join in the action. If anyone is still looking for a Christmas gift for your girlfriend this might be the answer for you!

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Takraw or Sepak Takraw is a southeast Asian traditional sport. It is not clear which nation invented this sport, but it is mostly played in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia and the Philippines. It was even included in the South East Asian Games and the Asian games. In Thailand, people, particularly men, play this game in many places, like a sports playground or a school yard. Takkraw was also part of many curriculums that every student of my generation had to study and do the exercise test to pass the subject. I did not really understand why we had to learn about it since it gave me a lot of pain, especially headaches – I genuinely mean physical pain. As you can see from the clip, it is quite an acrobatic game. Even though we did not have to be as good as the players in the video, we still needed to learn the basic stuff that required us to use certain parts of our body, such as our feet, thighs and forehead, to kick the ball which is made from a hard substance like synthetic fibre. Every time the ball came straight at me, I tried to use the lower part of my legs to kick it, but occasionally I could not avoid using my head. It did not hurt severely but was painful enough. Still, it was a good fun, but I just do not want to play it again!

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Ultimate warriors 2, how unlucky!

I bet the guy who kissed the other dude in this video was inspired by this video. To him, he might have thought there was nothing wrong in providing his rival with a tender touch on the lips before pounding him in the ring. Unfortunately, as you can see in the clip, the other guy did not think the same. Instead of expressing his appreciation with another mouth-to-mouth, he instinctively reacted to the kisser with a good punch -in this case it is obviously not a special drink made by mixing fruit juices and alcohol, but he might need some after recovering from the KO! Consequently, the fight ended rather prematurely, it had not even started yet! The guy surely learned a valuable lesson from this incident: not all men would be content with this kind of sensual experience, especially from another man. So, next time when he has the urge to venture into such an act, he might have to think more carefully, otherwise he could be seeing stars again!

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