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Why I like reading Kindle ebooks

These days I tend to buy Kindle ebooks. In comparison with physical books, I must say that Kindle ebooks have several advantages. Firstly they do not cause me irritation like paperbacks or hardbacks. When I order a book online I have to wait for it to be delivered. Sometimes it can take a few days for it to arrive. Unlike physical books, when I buy a Kindle ebook on Amazon, it takes only a couple of minutes for it to be downloaded onto my Kindle devices, of which I have two by the way. I also do not have to worry about the condition of the books that I have ordered. With paperbacks and hardbacks, every now and again when a book turns up in the post, it is in poor condition, sometimes even obviously damaged. Then I have to send it back which causes me a bit of hassle. I have to contact the bookseller to ask them to sort it out for me. In addition, as someone who is not a native English speaker, reading a Kindle ebook is such a joy since there is a built-in dictionary to help you understand words better. I hasten to add that I do not have difficulty understanding English, but I do like to grasp precisely the nuances of words and phrases. It is easy to adjust the font size too which helps me a great deal as I am short-sighted. That means I do not have to squint when I read.

Kindle ebooks do not take up space either. Over the years, I have accumulated a great many books and thus have turned our house into a veritable library. My beau has had to build me numerous bookshelves and now we are running out of space to store my valuable books. That’s what prompted him to buy Kindle devices for me which I am very grateful.


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