Could you kindly tell me who your favourite author is?

I am thinking of broadening my literary perspective. I read many books of various genres anyway.  What I like to read, however, tends to be novels from revered and well respected authors. This makes me look like a literary snob, which to some extent, is an appropriate description of who I am. I am unapologetic for that. What I would like to do is to ask people to recommend a novel from one of their favourite novelists that is especially meaningful to them. I would appreciate it if you would share it with me. It would be a real boon to this unenlightened reader.



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7 responses to “Could you kindly tell me who your favourite author is?

  1. The Amtrak War Series by Patrick Tilley.

    The last sentence of the final book will stay with me forever.

  2. I tend to focus more on business books, and someone who I respect and read a lot is David Meerman-Scott. But as you know I’m also a magazine and newspaper junkie and 95% of my reading is magazines and newspapers.

  3. To this day I read the classica, Thomas Mann, Dostojevski, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, etc.

    Also like to read what everybody else reads, Dan Brown, Grisham, and so forth.

    Let us know what you end up with!

    • How coincidental! I have some of Thomas Mann’s and Marquez’s novels and I also have all of Dostoyevsky’s books. I have read one novel by Dan Brown and one by John Grisham. I am determined to give it a go with various literary genres without being prejudicial or judgemental. Thank you kindly na krub Khun Dan for your recommendations.

  4. I love “Coin Locker Babies” by Ryu Murakami (no relation to Haruki), probably my favourite novel. The narrative is based on a true story – that of two infants abandoned in the 1970s in a train station coin locker in Yokohama, and then imagines the “brothers” as they grow up. One, who is bisexual, turns his anger at the world inwards and becomes self-destructive while the other, straight, lashes out at the world he feels betrayed them both at birth. It is a really angry, fierce but beautiful book with a real redemptive quality. Ryu Murakami has never written anything as good since.

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