I voted yesterday

This is the first time since living abroad that I have decided to vote in the Thai elections. Yesterday, I received the two voting cards and other pertinent documents from the Thai embassy here. The whole thing was pretty easy. First, I had to register to vote – a few months ago – via the the embassy’s website. Next, they responded to me via email to inform me that they had received my request to vote. Then, I just had to wait for them to sent me the voting cards etc.

To me, it does not matter if the party for which I voted wins the election or not. I just wanted to express my democratic right for once. If the party I don’t like wins the election, I will sincerely congratulate them. Everyone should accept the outcome whether they approve or not; otherwise the country will go back to the same chaotic cycle of Yellow and Red. Nobody likes corrupt politicians. But to address this problem, everyone should agree that it should be done within the democratic process. In a mature democratic society, everyone abides by the rule of law. That’s how society can move forward. We can have as many elections as we like, but when people don’t behave democratically and adhere to the law, democracy will be a dead loss.


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  1. “…To me, it does not matter if the party for which I voted wins the election or not. …”

    So do I.

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