Watersports hood

You have to admire the person who came up with the idea of creating this hood. This person must be perversely creative and into this kind of thing. Being drowned like this is not exactly my cup of tea and I don’t think it would ever be a pleasurable experience for me to receive this kind of blessing; nor would I like to give it to anybody either. I would not even dream of participating in this fetish. As disgusting as it may sound, for some people, being down on their knees and given “human lager” – sexually – must be a real kick. It is not too difficult to guess what the giver, or givers will do to the person wearing this mask. The direction where the flowing water will go is pretty obvious. The recipient could easily gag or choke unless he or she can guzzle it down very quickly. You can see the picture in your head, can’t you? It is a great shame that Songkran has already finished this year, otherwise I might have advised Farang men to buy this headgear and take it with them to Thailand. In spite of it being used for a specific and perverted purpose, in my eyes it could also be used as a protective shield against the barrage of water coming from the locals during Songkran. I can imagine what my fellow countrymen would say if they saw a Farang man wearing this thing over his head. The response would be: “It’s just a funnel hood, mate. It is what we normally use when we are taking part in water sports. It is a Caucasian thing!” “But what kind of a water sport?”, the locals might ask.

Everyone needs a good blessing from time to time!



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2 responses to “Watersports hood

  1. Brian D

    This water sport is enjoyable to me. It’s humiliating to which is a major turn. The mask protect my reputation, that i need.. Givers juice can be very tasty, from salty to sweet beer lager.

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