Because it is Songkran

During Songkran the entire nation is allowed to go wild and many Thais tend to adopt this attitude. People will behave in a way that they don’t normally do. For instance, a lot of people will get drunk and some will even carry a bottle of whisky with them as they venture outside on trucks to have a water fight with other Thais on the road. Then the alcohol will be shared and given to complete strangers. To some people, Songkran is a time when they can get wet and wasted at the same time. Normally  the police will not condone this kind of behaviour. Nevertheless, there will always be some people who misbehave during Songkran such as by fighting or groping women. Then the police will have to swing into action to deal with the problem. But what happens when people start to go nude?

It depends on the circumstances. I once experienced an unforgettable Songkran when a bunch of transgenders, who came out of nowhere, appeared in the neighbourhood. They used the area as their base to launch an all-out assault on everyone who happened to be in the vicinity. Not only did they bombard people with water, some of these “ladies” also daringly exhibited intimate parts of their bodies for everybody to see. Their action caused a severe traffic jam in the area; people stopped their trucks to have a good look. A couple of these “ladies” even lifted their skirts and hosed their beavers down. This was the first time that I had ever seen the secret part of a transgender and the whole thing was taking place in broad daylight. Aside from revealing all, they also accosted a few men and began to undress these unfortunate guys. It was not the first time that I had seen other men’s butts! People witnessing this spectacle did not seem to be outraged and many just stood there in awe. My friends and I, on the other hand, were watching this spectacle in laughter. Later, I saw two policemen coming in our direction. I thought they were going to take action against these mischievous “women”, but they just stood next to me chuckling. I noticed that there was an alcoholic smell emanating from their bodies. Seeing that they were already wet and a bit tipsy, I decided to give them a full Songkran. I threw a bucket of water at them and then covered their faces with baby powder mixed with water. There was nothing they could do to stop this attack – since it was Songkran – they just had to take it like men. I do not know why, but I ended up grabbing one of the officers’ shoulders and kissing him gently on the cheek. I cannot explain why I did that – except for being somewhat intoxicated – but at that moment I just felt like it. In normal circumstances, I would never ever dare to do such a thing, let alone go near them. Before the two officers departed, I wished them a happy Songkran.

If you ask me what caused a few girls to behave inappropriately during this Songkran, my answer is in the title of this post.


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