Everyone needs to get wet from time to time

I always like Songkran. It is a good time when people in Thailand can enjoy splashing water at each other. Everyone is permitted to do that without worrying that someone might be angry; or even if some people are upset because of getting wet, nobody will give a damn. During Songkran, you are supposed to be drenched with water. I strongly recommend that people who are scared of water and don’t want to be soaked stay indoors throughout this joyful period. I hope my advice will not be too difficult to heed.

I find it funny that some Farang men bitterly complain about Songkran. These people should be aware what it is all about and try to avoid it if they don’t appreciate this tradition. Your clothes can be ruined by filthy water, powder or whatever people use during Songkran. This is why you don’t see the locals wearing smart clothes when they go out throwing water at one another. Your electronic devices may also suffer. To avoid this problem, the easy solution is not to take them with you when you go out. I thought the main reason why these Farangs came to Thailand was to have a good time and get wet. These men seem to gripe about being doused during Songkran but they don’t seem to be particularly discontent when they have to kneel down and implore a “bar boy” or a “bar girl” to release his or her blessing all over their faces. I don’t see the distinction between being saturated in Songkran and getting wet in water sports. Both are the same to me. But if you ask some Farang men which they think is nicer – and warmer – I have no doubt that their answer would be unanimous: the latter.


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