Adult services from a Thai lady

The local advertisement leaflet was delivered to my door today.  As usual its content contains trivial information. I have never paid attention to it until today when somebody at home showed me one advertisement. The title grabbed my attention straight away, i. e. “Adult Services”. The lines following provided more details about who will deliver these services: “Thai lady offering adult services. In calls and out calls available. I am available from Monday to Saturday between 12 Midday to late. Please call to find out more …”. I won’t reveal the telephone number here. The final line is “withheld numbers and texts will not be answered.”

I did not expect to see this kind of advertisement from a Thai person in this country. I guess this person just wants to go back to her roots and do what she normally does best. I think the lady who provides these “adult services” could be a hit. It depends on what kinds of services she offers to her customers. Her talents might well be sought after by people in this town. I suspect that the majority of her potential customers would be men. I am tempted to give her a call to say “Sawasdee krap” and find out what she really means by ‘adult services’. I would also like to ask her if she provides any extra services as well. What she does might turn out to be just a massage or simply releasing the tension in her customers’ bones. It is good to know that not only did she come to live in the same town as me, she also brought with her the skills to satisfy the locals. They will be very impressed.


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