The world’s first Daddy Pride was in Thailand?

I saw a lot of fat Farang men during my trip to Thailand. They seemed to be omnipresent. I first encountered one in the lounge toilet at Heathrow airport. Forgetting to lock the door, I was startled to see the chubby gentleman pushing it open. Well, it was my fault. Still, it was a funny incident.

On the plane, there was one sitting in the middle row, diagonally in front of me. The guy seemed to be particularly excited about his holiday. One might assume that it was his first time travelling to the Land of Smiles. He was particularly talkative. He took great pleasure in conversing with his mates. For a moment, I wondered if I was sitting in cattle class. Fortunately, owing to his tiredness, he spent the rest of the journey bunked down with his mouth shut. I tried not to look in his direction though I could not resist the temptation to cast a glance at him from time to time. He had a rather rounded belly. When he raised his arms, his t-shirt moved upwards too. How fortunate I was to be able to view his pregnant-like tummy so intimately. It must have been my lucky day that day.

On the journey back to Bangkok from the place where I had spent such a lovely time resting in beautiful surroundings, again, at the airport, I witnessed another foreign daddy making a spectacle of himself. He was totally intoxicated. His face was flushed. His t-shirt was unbuttoned, baring his fat hairy gut for everyone to see. He walked around the area, demonstrating his daddiness for the world to see, as well as pestering a couple of female foreigners. It was not difficult to guess where the gentleman came from due to his accent. I’d prefer not to express it.


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