At the hotel on the beach

Before I carry on talking about my wonderful time in Thailand, I just want to say that I am aware that there has been severe flooding across the south of Thailand. I feel for the locals and tourists who have been affected by this problem. If I had decided to stay in the area for another week, I might have been stranded there. It is very unusual to experience this kind of freak weather at this time of the year. It was supposed to be summer in Thailand. I hope that everything will be back to normal soon.

Let’s get back to talking about the good time that I spent in the south of Thailand. For a couple of days, I had trouble sleeping. I kept waking up very early; about four or five o’ clock in the morning. Having nothing to do, I would walk out on to the terrace and gaze at the sea. The early morning breeze touched my naked body and I thought how lucky I was to be born in this beautiful country. I was lazing around outside for quite some time before the birds began to greet the day with their chirping voices. The cicadas also seemed to have no qualms about waking people up with their rasping sound. I thought to myself this was it, the perfect holiday.

I indulged myself with proper Thai noodle soup for almost every breakfast during my stay, except for the last day. I would follow up with cold cuts and so on. It was nice to drink a decent cup of coffee too. The waitress would ask me if I wanted some more and I would say yes for just another cup. Then, I would take time with tasty fruits. It was very pleasant to have a few pieces of sweet, succulent watermelon, proper mango and ripe orange papayas after the meal. By then, my little tummy would be stretched. Before I left the restaurant, I would always thank the waitresses for their kind service. After that, I and the other person would saunter back to our tranquil ‘des res’.



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2 responses to “At the hotel on the beach

  1. Yes, proper mango! I can’t wait for my favourite dessert, mango with sweet sticky rice in the strange shade of blue…..

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