My perfect holiday

I left Thailand since last week. Yet I keep thinking about the lovely time I spent in my own country. Everything went smoothly. The journey from home to Heathrow was a good start. There was no hassle clearing security at the airport and there was no long queue either. Sitting in the lounge was slightly tedious but when we boarded the flight, we just got straight on the plane. On board, as expected, I did not manage to sleep but it did not matter since I had Kylie Minogue’s song, i.e.Get Outta My Way, to accompany my journey. I watched “Black Swan” and played Sudoku and some other games. Being Thai I did not have to deal with long queues on arrival at Suvarnabhumi like foreigners frequently do. After checking in at the hotel in Bangkok, I went out to have a haircut; the owner of the hairdresser salon remembered me because I had my hair cut there a couple of years ago. The hairdresser asked me where we were heading. She told me there had been a massive earthquake in Japan and was worried that it could affect the Gulf of Thailand – our destination. I was quite concerned but I was more worried about my Japanese friends. Next we went to have dinner and then back to the hotel. I tried to sleep but my mind was somewhere else. The seismic shockwaves lingered in my head all night. In the end, I managed to get some shuteye for just a few hours. We went back to Suvarnabhumi the next morning. Again, it did not take us long to finish the usual procedures at the airport. Sitting in the lounge, I was checking some Thai pocket books that I had bought the day before at the bookstore near the hotel; at the same time, I was looking forward to boarding the plane. I could not wait to reach our destination…


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