Thailand: Tourism and the Truth

In 2008 Stacey Dooley emerged as one of the stars of the hit BBC Three series, Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts, and has since spent the three years lifting the lid on shocking stories from the developing world.

In 2010 she travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo where she examined the plight of child soldiers and journeyed to Cambodia to investigate the shocking world of underage sex trafficking.

This time Stacey is travelling to one of our favourite holiday destinations, Thailand, to explore the darker side of tourism that the average holiday maker doesn’t see. Hundreds of thousands of us flock to Thailand every year, where for just a few hundred pounds you can enjoy beautiful beaches, top hotels and unbeatable service. A trip to Thailand has become a rite of passage for many young Brits, but why is it possible to enjoy such luxury at such bargain prices?

Stacey begins her trip in Phuket, where she stays as a tourist before swapping roles and becoming a hotel worker. She works as a chambermaid and struggles with the hard work and incredibly high standards, having to clean 14 rooms a day for just four pounds. She also discovers what it’s like to live on such low wages and the sacrifices that some hotel workers have to make. Many live in slum conditions or in hotel dormitories, separated from their children for months at a time.

From BBC Three



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4 responses to “Thailand: Tourism and the Truth

  1. Stevie G

    Stacey, please wise up. working people are the same all over the world. Greedy big business

    men get the money, workers get enough to get by. This show is the BBC dumbing down. It could

    have been a good show but Stacey is so nieve and yet patronising at the same time. Thailand

    is a wonderful and proud nation with lovely people. Drunk people die through over

    indulgence and stupidity all over the world be it on a beach in Thailand, India or the

    british high st. on a Saturday night. What a crap show, not at all journalism even at its

    lowest form but a great holiday for Stacey at the licence payers expense. Conclusion,

    Stacey as dappy as many of the Uk tourists, Thailand lovely!

  2. sandy

    I thought Stacey did a brilliant job. Stevie G. Don’t forget that although it was a bit flip flops and casual there would have been a production team there (albeit small) guiding Stacey. She said time and time again that Thailand was a great place but wanted people who visited to be a bit responsible.. It’s not asking too much is it? She’s only 23 so she is entitled to be a bit nieve. I think that she is a brilliant role model

  3. A great documentary and certainly more likely to tip then a little extra on my next visit.

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