Norwegian Wood

I am in two minds whether or not I want to see the movie. I am concerned that it might disappoint me. My personal perception of the novel is unwavering. If the movie cannot properly depict the essence and the mood of the story, I am afraid that I will not be able to control myself and go ballistic in the cinema! Let’s just hope not. Alternatively, I could wait for the film to come out on DVD, but that will take quite a while. I could also wait for someone to ask me out on a date to see it, but it means that I might be taken up to the hilt afterwards.

There are some stories that a limited number of people can relate to. “Norwegian Wood” is one of a few tales that I can strongly connect with. It might be true when someone said that it is just a nostalgic narrative of adolescent loss, love and sexuality. All the same, this kind of story could happen to anybody and I have no doubt that many people experienced the same feeling as the main characters in the novel when they were young. It is a transitional moment, the period of time in a person’s life, when you treasure and value something greatly.  You are swept away by raw emotion when things go wrong and you struggle to cope with it. It seems like the end of the world and everything is so overwhelming. It is understandable why some people cannot empathise with the protagonists. It might be just that they never had this kind of experience when they were that age.

“Norwegian Wood” hits British cinemas on 11 March.


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