Thai attitude and UK attitude

Attitude, The UK’s best-selling gay magazine, will debut as a licensed local Thai language edition this week, according to The Bangkok Bugle.

It is a nice idea, but the cover of the first issue looks a bit tame. The publisher and the editor need to try harder if they want to catch people’s attention, i.e. they need to add more attitude into the magazine. It is not yet provocative enough. It looks pretty ordinary and uninspiring in comparison with the UK edition. In my judgement, to galvanise potential readers into buying the magazine, it needs to be a bit more sexual, quasi-porno and verge on rudeness. The discrepancy between the two versions is quite pronounced: one is relatively bland, the other arouses your interest. If I were the editor, I would be more than happy to be ‘in your face’ with the front cover. The first issue does not look like it wants to announce proudly its arrival onto Thailand’s magazine scene. I’d rather put the picture of my bare buttocks, the header picture of this blog, on the front cover of the magazine than look at a trio of pretty twinks. I have no doubt that this part of my anatomy would be the talk of the town.


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