A karaoke bar for Thai men

Before the final week of my job training course, the people who supervised me wanted to take me out for a meal; it was a goodbye party they said. We arranged to meet at a restaurant in the town centre where they had booked the entire top floor especially for this do. I and the other students on the course went there early as promised. During the meal, all of us students took turns to make a short speech regarding our experience with the course leaders, how we felt and so forth. We had been partying for a couple hours when some people decided to call it a day, though the majority remained, determined to push the boat out. Fortunately, I did not have to pay for anything. Later on someone mentioned a karaoke bar. They asked us if we were interested in going. So we went along.

The place was not very roomy; neither it was cramped, but the karaoke room was quite small. We were singing, drinking and enjoying our awful noise when suddenly the bar manager introduced us to three women who worked there. Immediately I saw them I began to realise that this karaoke bar was offering an extra service. One of the guys who took us there asked one of the ladies to sit beside me. Then I knew why they had brought us here. The woman offered me a drink and we talked about this and that. I asked her about her life. As presumptuous as I was, I asked her if she had ever thought of going to school so that she could find a better job. She said that she had left school with no qualifications and what’s more she had a child to feed. How predictable was that I thought to myself. We were there until closing time. Before we left, the woman asked if I wanted to take her. I pretended that I did not understand what she meant. So I asked her if she did not have to help clear up the place. The manager, on the other hand, seemed to be encouraging us to take her somewhere. It transpired that everything had been paid for beforehand.


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