A torrid love affair

If there was someone who wanted you to be his paramour, would you?

He is very good to you and always treats you well. He keeps buying things for you. He gave you a gift on Valentines day. Many times he took you abroad with him. He has never missed giving you a call or sending you a daily message. A few times a week, he drops by to see you to do something together. After that, the two of you will go to a fancy restaurant, wherever you want to go. Afterwards you will both return to your place where you will make passionate love; always a tremendously enjoyable experience. He wanted to see you more often, but where you live is relatively far from his place. Because of this, he cannot come to see you five days a week. Therefore he took the liberty of buying a house and inviting you to stay there. So it would be easier for him to be there with you on a regular basis. Basically, he is the best thing that has ever happened to you and you want him to be yours forever. But there is a conundrum: he is married and has children. You know very well that the two of you cannot have a future together, unless he decides to divorce his missus which you know too well will never happen. You realise also that, one day sooner or later, he will be bored with you. Then the affair will come to an end. What you have left from this chapter of your life will be mere remnants of your memory and his.


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One response to “A torrid love affair

  1. jezza

    Go for it. Enjoy every second. Be prepared for the inevitable, and make allowance and preparation to minimise pain and disturbance.

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