Someone thought all Caucasian men have massive tools

Someone I met online asked me about my life in the UK.  She wanted to know if I enjoyed living abroad and whether the locals treated me well. I told her about my daily life and what kind of people I normally socialise with. I let her know that the people I meet on a daily basis are well-mannered and refined be they men or women. It might have something to do with the fact that most of these people work in academic fields. Plus, I live in a very decent neighbourhood. Hence I have no trouble getting on with everybody. This Thai person with whom I have been chatting online from time to time has quite lofty opinions of Caucasian men. Her dream is to find an urbane and decent gentleman like Colin Firth to be her boyfriend. If she was ever lucky enough to be married to a western man, she wanted that person to be as decent as the people I have met. She asked me about this, that, and the other. Mostly, our conversation centred around Caucasian men; British men in particular. She had high expectations of them. Yet she had her concerns about their sexual behaviour. She thought that a large majority of them were sex maniacs. In addition, she assumed that all of them have huge tools. I was going to reaffirm her misguided belief, but decided to assure her that generally it might be true that in comparison with Thai men, their western wooden sticks are bigger, but not always and their lives do not revolve around sex. Besides, I wanted to tell her that – this might surprise a lot of people – I am not a slag. I don’t go around asking people how big a certain part of their body is. If she happened to have a Caucasion husband whose precious member was  exceptional, I jokingly told her to enjoy the ride and try to take it up to the hilt. There were many things she queried regarding British men and their sexual proclivities. To ease her worries, I tried my best to come up with the answers. I have not seen her online recently, but I still wish her all the best. Hopefully one day she will meet the man of her dreams; her ideal Colin Firth.


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  1. 555, I love to hear peoples in grained ideas about other races. People who I know are split into two camps when discussing Thailand, the first group (always women) think that Thailand is one huge brothel with every athai woman being an enslaved prostitute with HIV. The second group as Thailand back in the middle ages (a little Cambodian). Only people who have bothered to visit Thailand know something of the true identity, that like most countries of the world, no matter how poor, rich or in different you pretty much have to work to pay the electricity bill.
    I hope she finds Mr. Right! However me being a realist, I think he will always be just over the horizon…

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