Do they provide a fast track service at Suvarnabhumi Airport?

Foreign travellers have been complaining about the long queues at immigration at Suvarnabhumi Airport for quite a while. The problem has not yet been properly addressed. On the contrary, it seems to be getting worse, according to what I have heard from the media. The complaint is justified. Every time I go back to Thailand, I notice that there are a lot of foreigners waiting to clear immigration at the airport. The problem does not bother me because I am Thai and have a Thai passport. For foreigners, it is clearly irritating that they have to wait for an unnecessarily long time to complete this tedious process. I wonder if Suvarnabhumi Airport provides a fast track service for business and first-class travellers. I think it would alleviate congestion at the immigration counter. It would be a sensible option to tackle this problem. I am lucky that Heathrow has a fast track system. I don’t have to suffer the same fate as many foreigners when they go to Thailand.


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