Thai culinary and eating idiocy

Thais give a damn about Thai food. Their daily lives centre around eating and cooking. My sister, who I always ordered to cook whatever I demanded, gives a damn about what she eats. She usually spends at least two hours preparing dinner for the entire family. As a fussy eater, I often requested her to cook a different dish just for me. If she did not give a damn about Thai food, cooking and me, she would have told me to kindly fuck off. I think it is pretty idiotic that some people make a big deal about Thai culinary culture and feel the need to impose their own standards of cooking and eating on other people. People’s tastes are very personal. When preparing a particular dish, some will like a certain flavour and some won’t. Personally, I am extremely masochistic about spicy Thai food. It is my cup of tea but I don’t feel the need to shove it down other people’s throats. Most people don’t feel the need to be ostentatious about cooking and eating. People see food for what it is – food.



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2 responses to “Thai culinary and eating idiocy

  1. One, I see food as a metaphor for life…I like it spicy some like it bland.

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