The accident

It was somewhat inappropriate of me to go on about my forthcoming holiday in my previous entry as at the moment there has been a rather intense discussion going on regarding the demise of nine innocent Thais who were killed in a car crash. Admittedly, I saw the headline news two days ago but I did not pay much attention to it since a road accident is such a common thing in Thailand. I am inured to hearing this type of tragic story. Then last night just before I went to bed, I had a few moment to peruse the details of the accident and now I understand why the majority of the country is so furious and up in arms over this calamity.

Every loss of a human life is a great loss, but it is much worse when the departure of the people involved is so sudden and unexpected. To make matters worse, not only were they innocent, these people were also well educated and intelligent. Examples are the person who worked at the National Science and Technology Development Agency, who had just received a highest degree from a UK university and the person who was just about to study nano-electronics abroad and so on. They would have made a great contribution to Thai society. Some had a bright future ahead of them academically. They were valuable assets in a nation where erudite individuals are scarce. I must admit that I was as irate as most Thais about the accident. Be that as it may, I will resist jumping on the bandwagon and castigating the culprit. Instead the thing that Thailand and Thai people should deliberate on is their attitude towards driving. When I reflect on the inconsiderate, impatient and lawless way people drive in Thailand, I think it says it all about the Thai society and the way of thinking of my fellow countrymen. It is not very difficult to work that out.


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