Men will shag anything as long as they can find a hole

That was what I wanted to tell Mr. Blatter. Instead of telling people to refrain from any sexual activity – which is impossible as humans are sexual beings – he should have said it was none of his nor anybody’s business what people do sexually in their own privacy. For my money, even in societies where certain kinds of sexual acts are not permitted, people will find a way to do it anyway, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. If they cannot do it where they are, people will seek to release their smuttiness somewhere else.

In my book, I think football (or soccer) is arguably the gayest game, despite the seemingly unwelcoming attitude towards homosexuality of people involved in the sport, be they the players, the fans or the football authorities themselves. On the football field, you will quite often see footballers running towards one another and delivering such intimate actions to their mates as hugs and gentle kisses when they score a goal. That is even more homoerotic than seeing a gay person mincing on a street. No wonder it is so popular among men. I am sure there must be something arousing about watching guys scoring each other’s goals.



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2 responses to “Men will shag anything as long as they can find a hole

  1. I’m sure with the right padding inside an envelope Mr Blatter could be persuaded to retract his comments. Of course that’s if Russia gives him the nod of approval.

    I reckon there must be one hell of a lot of gay men about and not all of them own a pair of football boots. Many probably have high heels in their wardrobe and nylons on the top shelf. The most hit post on my Thai blog is about Thai ladyboys in Pattaya, it receives far more hits than anything else.

    Maybe I should write one about a gay Thai footballer.

    • Thankfully the Fifa daddy decided to apologise for his impetuous comment. It would not surprise me at all if there were lots of men-love footballers in Thailand and other countries. I see nothing wrong with buggery as we live in a consenting adults era. As a matter of fact, people should be encouraged to be who they want in terms of their sexuality as long as they don’t cause trouble to anybody. I am pleased to say that the phenomenon of transgenders in the Land of Smiles is something commendable for this reason.

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