The only novel that has made me cry

“Norwegian Wood”, a film adaptation of the international bestselling novel by my beloved Murakami, opens in cinemas in Japan today. Even though I have not yet seen the movie I am already dreading that it will not be successful in capturing the essence of the book. Having seen the actor and the actress who play Toru Watanabe and Naoko respectively, I am slightly put off by the director’s choices. In the book, Toru comes across as such an ordinary guy which in some ways is akin to the author. On the other hand, Naoko is seemingly a tormented soul who, in her anguish, struggles to express her inner feelings. I know that I should not prejudge the movie, but I am not expecting that it will be nearly as good as the novel. Hopefully that will not prove to be the case. I am looking forward to seeing it. I hope upon hope it will turn out to be acceptable.


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  1. Bookkey

    อยากดูค่ะ ไม่รู้ว่าจะฉายที่เมืองไทยเมื่อไร เราก็ชอบMurakami เหมือนกัน

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