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Kermode’s take on “Uncle Boonmee…”


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“Uncle Boonmee…” now showing at cinemas in the UK

Now it is time for British film-goers to be baffled, charmed, bemused, fascinated, confused, frustrated or even bored by this year’s Palme d’Or winning Thai film. “Uncle Boonmee…” is in UK cinemas from today. It will not surprise me at all if this quirky movie by Khun Apichatpong irks a lot of people who have not yet experienced his work. Anyway it does not matter as it is expected and “Uncle Boonmee…” – like Khun Apichatpong – is generous enough to let people feel whatever they want to feel about the film. It is open enough for those who want to give it ago and if you are open-minded and are able to stay with each moment of the film, you will find it pleasantly rewarding.


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Get Outta My Way (Boys) – just a fun tribute to Kylie!

I am struggling a tad to find the words to comment here. I think this video lacks something. Perhaps the director should have featured some celebrities keen to participate in doing a jig in this MV. Some well-known footballers like Mr. Tevez and Mr. Ferdinand would be my preferred option – providing that they are not too busy pounding one another for hours/days, etc. on end. Having them as part of the video would be a nice touch. There is no doubt that Kylie would be delighted and proud of this tribute from these boys.


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I have just realised that English Premier League football players like to take it raw!

I wonder what Mr. Tevez was doing to his former team mate. Was he searching for something? Or maybe the game was intense that day and he was frustrated to the point that he felt the need to take the matter in his own hand.

As you can see, Mr. Ferdinand did not seem particularly happy to be ram fisted like this at all. Nobody is ever going to enjoy taking it up to the hilt, unless you are into this kind of thing.


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It takes two to tango

Happy Together is about two gay men, who are pessimistic in love. It tells a story about a Hong Kong, Chinese couple who struggle to stay together satisfactorily and happily. It depicts the real bitter sweetness of trying to be in a relationship with someone. This movie is not really a tale of two happy individuals; it is a portrait of unhappy loners as gay men.

Ho and Lai come to Argentina in order to stay together, but their attempt does not turn out according to plan. The two of them decide to go their separate ways; Lai working in a tango bar and Ho earning a living as a hustler. Both, by chance, meet again at the bar. Despite ignoring one another, they know very well that neither wants to be without the other in this foreign place.

Won Kar Wai, the director, craftily weaved this destructive love story. Not only did he manage successfully to create an unsatisfactory tale of two gay men, he also turned this matter into a stylistic piece of cinema. The cinematography shot by Christopher Doyle was also stunningly elegant. The technique of using colour differently in each scene, sometimes embellished saturated colours and sometimes black and white, was uniquely modish. Some shots were similar to a still picture; it generated a feeling of intimacy. In some ways, I also felt like I was watching collected photos of loneliness. I guess the director might have intended to use the colour as a display of the emotions between the two main characters: gloominess, closeness and sadness.

The music accompanying the movie was impressive too. Tango music, which was played throughout the movie, signified the two protagonists’ relationship. It illustrated their lasciviousness and frustration of living together.

Happy Together is, in general, a flashy and arty film and is uniquely interesting. I feel like I have just finished watching a music video, with a catchy story to tell.

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