A penis cutting incident

I have been considering writing about this topic on my blog for quite some time, but I could not be bothered to get round to it. Then an opportunity arose for me to relay this brutal anecdote and warn about the danger of disrespecting and badly treating Thai women.

From Thai Visa: “A woman in the northern province Phetchaboon was arrested last month for cutting off her husband’s penis and throwing it into a trash can at the local bus station.”

We Thai people hear about this kind of incident all the time. To us it is not surprising or shocking really. As a matter of fact, Thailand probably has the greatest number of penis-slashing incidents in the world. It may be a dire fear for foreign men who are married to, or are thinking of wedding Thai ladies, but as long as they treat their women with respect, there should not be a problem. From what I have observed, women tend to be able to put up with a lot of crap from men whether they be husbands, boyfriends or even within their families. More often than not, they are taken for granted. All the time, they have to suppress their anger. It is just the way a lot of these females have been brought up in the past – but for modern women it can be an entirely different story. They are like a volcano waiting to erupt; when they cannot contain their rage any longer, the outcome will be devastating. Talk about lady vengeance! Who fancies sausages for dinner tonight, courtesy of Thai ladies?


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