Tom McCarthy Reads from His Novel C (. . . and We Gripe about Michiko Kakutani) (via biblioklept)

I could not help giggling as I totally agree with what Biblioklept said. I don’t understand why Michiko Kakutani compared ‘C’ with ‘Atonement’ anyway. They are two entirely different novels. To juxtapose the two novels is like putting an orange beside an apple. They have disparate flavours. Then she went on likening Mr. McCarthy’s book to the unreadable novel, ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’, by Thomas Pynchon. Again, they are not the same. On top of that, albeit how very masterful the two novels are, Atonement and Gravity’s Rainbow are not literary benchmarks. Different novelists have their own creative ways to compose their narratives. It is just daft to expect a novel to deal with something big like philosophical questions.

At The Guardian, Tom McCarthy reads from his novel C. Here’s Biblioklept’s review of C. And, while we’re on reviews of C, I want to gripe about Michiko Kakutani’s negative review of the book at The New York Times. If you don’t like a book, fine. But if you’re a critic at an organ that purports to be the nation’s beacon of journalistic excellence, you need to practice better criticism than what Kakutani’s done here. I think it’s pretty much a give … Read More

via biblioklept


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