Thailand is Taiwan and I am from Japan and speak Chinese…

Khun Leo Sigh has written an interesting blog entry about how ignorant some people in America are. The blogger wrote about an ignorant American man who walked into a convenience store, and punched the clerk in the head. The assailant thought that he was Muslim whereas the unfortunate victim was in fact a Sikh. You would have thought that the turban he was wearing would have made that pretty likely, but apparently not! It reveals how people can become so intolerant and clueless about other nations and races. Talking about people lacking knowledge about other parts of the world, I have myself heard and experienced this kind of ignorance from time to time. There has been widespread talk among Thai students, who have been to the States to study, about Americans who think that Thailand and Taiwan are the same country! When I heard about this I could not stop laughing. Oh my god! How insular and inward looking must you be to have such little basic knowledge about the world you live in. This unknowing attitude is not only endemic in America, it seems to be happening in the UK as well. One of my British classmates at university just assumed that I come from Japan. I had to correct him. Later, when he saw me hanging out with my Chinese friend, he thought that Thai people spoke the same language as the Chinese! They say ignorance is bliss, but not when people have their heads in the clouds. It is a poor idea to make assumptions without having sufficient facts and evidence because you will frequently get it wrong and when you do misperceive, it can lead to many things, not all of which may be desirable.


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