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Waves of guilt keep assaulting your conscience

After doing a terrible thing for his boss, Kyoji left Macau for a so-called vacation in Phuket, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Thailand. During this whole period of time, many inexplicable incidents happened to him.

‘Invisible Waves’ takes you to the world of Kyoji, the disoriented world which he, himself, hardly comprehends; nor does the audience. For him, everything seems to go wrong from the day after doing an unforgivable, unpleasant thing to Seiko, a woman whom he had been having an affair with. Here, we see him locking himself in a room, being robbed or even being betrayed.

The film was not meant to be entertaining, but for some bizarre reason, I had no difficulty enjoying this film. I felt like I was swept away by the waves into Kyoji’s locale. While watching this film, I had an atmospheric feeling of uncertainty. I was not sure what was happening, nor did the lead character, I guess. Since the whole movie was a bit gloomy, I could not even tell the time of day when the action took place, early evening or at the beginning of the day. It occurred to me that the director might have intended to create this dismal ambience. The story, hence, did not need to add up. Everybody could still enjoy the atmosphere.

According to Asian belief, if you do a bad deed you will suffer for the rest of your life. In this case, we saw Kyoji being a victim of his action. He even decided to punish himself. He accomplished what Kenji, in “Last Life in the Universe” failed to achieve; that is perfect happiness. As a matter of fact, the protagonists in both movies were played by Tadanobu Asano and the movies were also both directed by the same Thai director, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang.

As some viewers have mentioned, this movie appears to have no plot, and many places in the movie appear dull and awful. It also takes quite a long time to develop from one scene to another. Even so, this movie is about a guy who is being punished because of what he has wrongly done in the past. A lot of things in this movie, therefore, need to be black, like the old saying “do good deserve good, do bad deserve bad”. It is a wave of guilt that keeps attacking his conscience. No one ever sees it, even Kyoji himself, but everybody can feel its existence.


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Tom McCarthy Reads from His Novel C (. . . and We Gripe about Michiko Kakutani) (via biblioklept)

I could not help giggling as I totally agree with what Biblioklept said. I don’t understand why Michiko Kakutani compared ‘C’ with ‘Atonement’ anyway. They are two entirely different novels. To juxtapose the two novels is like putting an orange beside an apple. They have disparate flavours. Then she went on likening Mr. McCarthy’s book to the unreadable novel, ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’, by Thomas Pynchon. Again, they are not the same. On top of that, albeit how very masterful the two novels are, Atonement and Gravity’s Rainbow are not literary benchmarks. Different novelists have their own creative ways to compose their narratives. It is just daft to expect a novel to deal with something big like philosophical questions.

At The Guardian, Tom McCarthy reads from his novel C. Here’s Biblioklept’s review of C. And, while we’re on reviews of C, I want to gripe about Michiko Kakutani’s negative review of the book at The New York Times. If you don’t like a book, fine. But if you’re a critic at an organ that purports to be the nation’s beacon of journalistic excellence, you need to practice better criticism than what Kakutani’s done here. I think it’s pretty much a give … Read More

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BRITISH women have been branded the ugliest in the world in an ­international poll

“They were slated for their bad behaviour, dress sense and drinking habits when on holiday. Many are accused of being “rude”, “drinking pints of beer like men” and “ending up drunk in the gutter”. They also shamelessly broke wind and belched while lying around hotel pools or on beaches, according to the survey for a respected holiday website.”

You can read the rest of the story via:

The survey might give a certain impression about these ladies. On the other hand, there are also plenty of ladylike British tourists who I have encountered from time to time while holidaying in Thailand. At the end of the day, it is simply an international poll; it does not represent how the world perceives the entire species or does it?


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Gaspar Noé’s previous film: Irréversible

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Gaspar Noé is back

Here is an exclusive interview with the director, from Prospect magazine’s website:

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Thailand is Taiwan and I am from Japan and speak Chinese…

Khun Leo Sigh has written an interesting blog entry about how ignorant some people in America are. The blogger wrote about an ignorant American man who walked into a convenience store, and punched the clerk in the head. The assailant thought that he was Muslim whereas the unfortunate victim was in fact a Sikh. You would have thought that the turban he was wearing would have made that pretty likely, but apparently not! It reveals how people can become so intolerant and clueless about other nations and races. Talking about people lacking knowledge about other parts of the world, I have myself heard and experienced this kind of ignorance from time to time. There has been widespread talk among Thai students, who have been to the States to study, about Americans who think that Thailand and Taiwan are the same country! When I heard about this I could not stop laughing. Oh my god! How insular and inward looking must you be to have such little basic knowledge about the world you live in. This unknowing attitude is not only endemic in America, it seems to be happening in the UK as well. One of my British classmates at university just assumed that I come from Japan. I had to correct him. Later, when he saw me hanging out with my Chinese friend, he thought that Thai people spoke the same language as the Chinese! They say ignorance is bliss, but not when people have their heads in the clouds. It is a poor idea to make assumptions without having sufficient facts and evidence because you will frequently get it wrong and when you do misperceive, it can lead to many things, not all of which may be desirable.

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