“Wonderful Town” on BBC iPlayer

The highly acclaimed movie by a Thai director, Aditya Assarat, is currently available on the BBC iPlayer page. If you want to watch this multi-award winning film, you will have to be quick as it will be available only until 1:24am Wednesday 1st September 2010. But I am not sure that people who reside outside the UK will be able to access BBC iPlayer. I heard somehow there is a way of watching it (VPN). You will have to figure that out for yourself.

About the film from the blurb on the DVD:

“Set in post-tsunami Thailand, Wonderful Town is a film about rebuilding – both structurally and emotionally after such an overwhelming and life-changing natural disaster. An architect, Ton (Supphasit Kansen), comes to town to work on the new blueprints and stays in a local hotel that seems to be a single handedly run by one woman, Na (Anchalee Saisoontorn). In time the two find comfort in each other’s arms, leading to a touching and tender romance – one that is in stark contrast to the backdrop of the town’s rubble, as well as Na’s bitter brother and his delinquent gang of friends.”

Sight & Sound magazine chose Wonderful Town to be Film of the Month in April 2009. “Film-makers like Aditya give the lie to all the talk of ‘the end of art cinema’ after the deaths of Bergman and Antonioni. He’s a serious-minded director, here tackling palpably real psychological and emotional issues, and the nearest his film comes to the ‘language’ of commercial movies is when he plays a song on the soundtrack over a driving sequence. (It’s a measure of his playful sense of irony that he calls his production company Pop Pictures.)”


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