It is time to move on

If the auther wanted readers to achieve a feeling of nothingness with this novel, he achieved that goal. In “Imperial Bedrooms”, Mr. Ellis kept my attention with the mysterious aspects of the book.  I felt engaged and wanted to find out why  horrible things had to happen to some characters. It induced me to keep on reading. Having said that, when what it was all about was unravelled, my first reaction was that this was slightly ridiculous. As self-centred as most of these characters are, they should not have let themselves get involved with a woman who does not appear to be anything special. These people don’t care about anybody or even about themselves. For this reason, to me, it was a tad absurd when it was revealed what they had got themselves into and why bad things had to happen to some of them. If the aim of the novel was to make readers feel how superficial these characters were, I am happy to say that he succeeded. “We don’t care what people think about us”: I wish the author had come up with something more original. This mentality had been portrayed before in his previous novels. It is getting tedious. The shocking aspects of the book did not faze me, in this day and age where plenty of gratuitous material can be found and viewed via various forms of media and entertainment. Unless he thinks his readers are living sheltered lives. There is no doubt he is a good writer and knows how to make a story engaging, but Mr. Ellis seems to be enjoying repeating himself.


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